Saskatchewan PNP Draw Sends Out Invites For 280 Candidates

Saskatchewan PNP Draw Sends Out Invites For 280 Candidates

Saskatchewan PNP Draw Sends Out Invites For 280 Candidates

The all-new Saskatchewan PNP draw has primarily focused on candidates who have work experience in precisely 63 occupations.

The Saskatchewan PNP draw was held on 21st July, wherein invitations to 280 candidates were sent out.  It was for a provincial nomination.  These invitations were given to candidates who were eligible for nomination under the following categories:

  1.     Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
  2.     International Skilled Worker

There are also other categories:

  1.     Express Entry Subcategory (SINP’s) -84
  2.     Occupations In-demand sub-category- 196

84 candidates were invited under Category a and another 196 for category b

Whatever the stream, to get the invitation, the candidates had to obtain a minimum score of 77 under the Expression of Interest (EOI).  In addition, to prove that their foreign education is equivalent to the Canadian standard, they needed the Educational Credential Assessment.  Of course, work experience in the specified listed occupations was also required.  The 63 in-demand occupations are mentioned on the government webpage.

Details About The Occupations In-demand Subcategory

Candidates without an Express Entry Profile have another way open. They can apply under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), whose base is Occupations In-Demand Sub-category. The Occupations In-Demand Sub-category is like a boon for highly skilled workers who need a job in the province.  If the worker has an in-demand occupation experience in Saskatchewan, it will be an added advantage.

Creating an EOI profile using the SINP’s online application system helps foreign nationals to apply easily for Canadian Immigration.

Another benefit of Saskatchewan’s EOI system is that the province can choose the immigration candidate who will be the right choice for the prairie province conditions.  This assessment is done by:

  1.     Examining their work experience
  2.     Educations

iii.              Language ability

  1.      Age and lastly
  2.      Connections to the province

All the above points are weighed carefully to check if the candidate can settle down in Saskatchewan without hitches. As per the guidelines laid out by SINP’s International Skilled Worker Points Assessment Grid, the assessing and scores are given out of 100.  The ones who get the highest score are eligible for getting an invitation. To obtain a Canadian permanent residence, they are eligible to file for a provincial nomination.

Details – Express Entry Subcategory

One more connecting link to the Federal Express Entry System is the Express Entry Sub-category.  It can be rightly termed as a boosted PNP.  Canada’s three main economic class immigration programs which fall under the Express Entry are:

  1.     Federal Skilled Worker program;
  2.     Federal Skilled Trades Program 
  3.     Canadian Experience Class.

Just like the other requirements,  here also candidates must Create profiles for Saskatchewan.  Only then are they eligible for the provincial nomination invitation application.

Once the Express Entry candidate successfully receives a provincial nomination from Saskatchewan province, an additional 600 points are given.  These points add up to the score, and a Canadian permanent residence invitation application is also guaranteed.

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