Immigration frauds caught in the Canada Province of British Columbia.

Immigration frauds caught in the Canada Province of British Columbia.

The report was registered in 2017 to get permits to find a Surrey, B. C. Can-Asia Immigration Consultant

They did not mention any of their assets in Information to Obtain. All information had been tested by the court. Rupinder Batth and Navdeep Batth, both were a couple,  had an appearance before court for the first time on October 13 at Provincial Court, Surrey. 

The ITO report was enrolled by Gary Sidhu,  who was working as a CBSA officer in the agency’s Criminal investigation section. This report had 110 pages. Sidhu mentioned in detail about the immigration fraud network. In this report, he indicated the names of some other consultants, including 144 from foreign nationals and 29 businesses. 

Sidhu has claimed many frauds in his document in which these agencies offer many schemes to foreign immigrants such as to provide them temporary work permits or permanent residency. This couple is facing many charges in immigration fraud case. 

Sidhu has described many investigation methods in his document. First of all, they get a search warrant against a (Batth) couple and in 2017 they raid their office (Can-Asia) office and at their home too and keep monitoring their activities. They found many details from another agent’s phone number. Got a clue from a restaurant manager and many other clues they found during the investigation process. 

‘Garbage pulls’

Sidhu has mentioned this operation as “garbage pulls”. He and one more officer raided their ( Batth) home in 2017. They found many torn documents from the waste garbage. They joined all pieces back together and found the receipts of fees they had charged to the customer for Can-Asia’s services and many more names of other clients. 

The location is around Metro Vancouver and the interior of British Columbia. Many restaurants, farms, and different construction companies include in this

Can-Asia Immigration

The Can-Asia Immigration Consultants office is located in a Surrey strip mall but now it was used by some different immigration company. 

Resulting charges

They are not only investigating the Batth’s and their businesses but the ITO is focused on searching about their property, so they specifically keep an eye on the couple. In September 2017 the couple was alleged with 69 counts in accordance with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. 

The allegations are to mislead the facts and the people related to immigration. They are doing all this knowingly and forwarding false information regarding immigration. 

Now Rupinder Batth alleged 54 counts and Navdeep Batth alleged 15 counts

Sidhu has mentioned in his ITO report about the types of immigration fraud and their working process. They misrepresent the documents to get more points for permanent residence applicants. 

Three employees got 18 months of prison in an immigration scam in British Columbia. 

The ITO details mentioned the frauds of documents that the applicants need before hiring temporary foreign skilled workers and have to demonstrate that there is a need for a worker in the position. 

The “padding” of the documents to create false jobs that actually don’t exist and foreign workers think that they’re buying a job but they find no job after arriving there. 

Batth had given misrepresentation of 26 applicants’ to apply under the federal skilled worker program. These people gained permanent residency in Canada. The investigation revealed that Can-Asia took cash for false labour market assessments, it is from $17,000 to $23,000. 

According to Canada’s financial intelligence agency(FINTRAC) and Royal Bank reports entitled in the report, Batth couple had deposited a total of $208,200 cash at three RBC branches between the time period of May 2016 and Jan. 2017. 

How do I report immigration fraud?

You have to check the authenticity of your representative, you are hiring for any type of immigration but if you noticed any suspicious activity from their end like

  • Providing false information about immigration format
  • Giving false promises of jobs and permanent residence
  • If noticed any suspicious activity at the border

You can call the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Toll-Free Line at 1-888-502-9060 to report:


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