CRS in new Canadian Experience Class draw matches


CRS in new Canadian Experience Class draw matches

Nearly four thousand and five hundred candidates received the invite to appeal for Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada on 22nd July under the Express Entry stream. The Canadian immigration department welcomed entries with 357 points minimum. These candidates must be eligible to take the Canadian experience Classes (CEC) to be invited in the first place. Moreover, they take in entries only if they submit their profile before February 14th. The criterion is the same even if they have the minimum score. In the last CEC invitation round, the cut-off was 369. They took in nearly 4500 candidates. The cut-off for the round before that was 

The IRCC only took CEC and, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws into consideration during the whole pandemic situation. It is because most of the candidates must be already residing in Canada. Public safety measures like restrictions in traveling are not likely to disrupt the candidates. The safety measures enforced due to the outbreak of the virus have now started to roll back gradually. The Canadian govern357. It is considered the second-lowest score for Canadian Experience Classes. The lowest score ever was 75 on February 13th.

CEC and PNP Draw.

ment opened its borders to the American tourist if and only if they are fully vaccinated. We can expect them to open their borders for other countries as well at the beginning of September. However, they still have suspended direct flights to India till August 21st. 

The Canadian government initially had an aim to take in about four lakh immigrants to the country and, the Express Entry System brings in about three-fourth of these immigrants. This system brought in nearly twice the number of candidates it brought in the previous year. This change is due to the February draw in which IRCC welcomed all the candidates eligible for CEC, which comprised nearly 27332 entries. The score requirement for CEC-only and PNP-only candidates is different as the PNP candidates get 600 points extra automatically. IRCC leaves the top scores to sink into low.

Express Entry

Express entry is a system that helps manage the applications of immigrants for the Federal High-Skilled programs that are based on points. They are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled trades Program
  • Canadian experience Class

Provincial Nominee Programs also use this system to welcome candidates for the application of Provincial nomination. You will receive a CRS-based (Comprehensive Ranking System) score if you are a candidate eligible for Express Entry managed program. The PNPs award you CRS points based on age, education, language, work experience, skills, and other factors.

Who could get the invitation?

In this part, we will see an example of who has a chance of being invited by the Express Entry Draw.

Shanice is a 36-year-old Bachelor’s degree holder. She has been a database analyst in Canada for more than a year and has worked in the same field for nearly six years before coming to Canada. Her language proficiency is on an advanced level, and she has scored 456 points in CRS.


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