Yukon Territory is very popular for its well-known Klondike gold rush between 1869 to 1899, which saw more than 100,000 prospectors risking their lives for this precious metal. The territory has wild, varied geography, including Glacier fed lakes, beautiful mountains, and the wild Yukon River. Enjoying aurora borealis (northern lights) during the falls is one of the best things about living in the Yukon territory. Located alongside the Yukon River, Whitehorse, the capital city of the territory, has a population of more than 25,000 people.

There are numerous, diverse job opportunities across the country, but no other province or territory offers a quality of life like the Yukon. The region is remote, due to which the cost of living is a little higher compared to the national average, and to compensate it, the average pay is also relatively higher in the Yukon.

Do you want to immigrate to this beautiful Canadian territory? Let us start by discovering the in-demand jobs in the territory. If you obtain an in-demand job offer, you will have higher chances of being invited to apply for permanent resident status in the region. However, before discussing the in-demand jobs, we suggest you learn more about the pathways to secure Yukon nomination so that you can determine your eligibility.

The territory has three streams to issue a nomination, and these are:

  •       Express Entry system
  •       Skilled Worker Program
  •       Critical Impact Worker Program

Moreover, if you want to apply through the Express Entry system, you are required to fulfill the minimum federal immigration requirements. The Express Entry program offers a quicker pathway to Canadian permanent residency, but at the same time, there are more strict requirements. The process starts with choosing the correct pathway as well as obtaining a valid full-time job offer from a designated employer.

There are countless employment opportunities in Canada, and so in Yukon. You must meet the minimum requirements of the stream and then apply to the Yukon’s government or the Express Entry.

Express Entry System and Skilled Worker Program

Applicants under these immigration streams include candidates with a job type listed as skill level 0, A, or B, under the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Check the below list of eligible in-demand occupations with their NOC codes under these streams.

Welders and related machine operators
Supervisors Managers Accommodation tourism travel and related services
Registered nurses
IT professionals
Heavy Duty equipment mechanics
Family physicians and General practitioners
Early Childhood Educator
Dental Technicians

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Critical Impact Worker Stream

Applicants under this stream include semi-skilled candidates, classified under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) C and D categories. The aim of the program is to fulfill the critical shortages in the territory’s labour market. Candidates under this stream are not required to complete post-secondary training; however, they must have a high school diploma and on-the-job training. The territory intends to fill these critical positions and benefit the local economy by offering permanent resident status to those candidates who are willing to live and work in Yukon territory.

Check the below list of eligible in-demand occupations with their NOC codes under these streams.

Building superintendents, Caretakers and Janitors
Hotel desk clerks
Kitchen helpers and Foodcounter attendants
Retail salespersons
Room attendants and Hotel housekeepers
Truck drivers

The Yukon Community Pilot

There are six communities in the province that introduced the Yukon Community Pilot to address the workforce requirements. The duration of this pilot will be for three years, which will let foreign workers (who have obtained a provincial nomination) to apply for a work permit. This work permit allows the candidates to be employed with two or three employers simultaneously.

Moreover, there is a requirement of working in occupation for at least 30 hours a week while applying for permanent residency in Canada, and the same applies to this pilot. In other words, this special work permit ensures to meet that requirement, that is, you can take two or three jobs that will sum together to make a minimum of at least 30 hours in a week.

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