International Experience Canada was started by the government of Canada to give the youth around the globe a chance to travel to Canada and find their trip by working in Canada. There are many pools under this program. Learn more to find if you satisfy the conditions for this program. 


You need to satisfy the following conditions to qualify to apply for this program. 

  • The territory or country of your citizenship should be in agreement with Canada which allows the Canadian authorities to issue an IEC work permit to you.
  • You may also Tak the help of  a Recognised Organization (RO)
  • You must also satisfy the qualifications of your territory or country as well as the pool under which you are applying.

Your country may allow your participation once or multiple times but through different pools. However, if you have a refugee travel document, given to you by your country which is in a youth mobility agreement with Canada, you will not be allowed to participate in the program. 

Working Holiday Visa

The federal government of Canada now has an option where you can find your holiday vacation to Canada with temporary work. You qualify for temporary work in Canada if you must satisfy the below-given criteria. 

  • You do not have an employment opportunity from a Canadian employer.
  • If you wish to work for several employers in Canada.
  • You have the desire to work in one or more locations.
  • You want to find your travel expenses by working.

If you fit these eligibility criteria, you will receive an open work permit. This permit lets you work in Canada. But some jobs may require you to take a medical exam. 

Young Professionals

If you are eligible for this pool, you can gain professional work experience from Canada and compete in the economy at a global level. You must satisfy the following conditions.

  • You must have an employment opportunity from an eligible employer in Canada that promises you development in your profession. 
  • You will be required to work for one employer in one location for your stay in Canada. 
  • The job offer must be for paid work.
  • You must not look for self-employment.

Under the Young Professional pool, you will be given an authorized employer-specific work permit. Your employer must satisfy the labour laws of their province and be paying the median wage set by the federal government of that territory. 

International Co-op (Internship)

This category of the program is for you if you satisfy the following conditions.

  • Being a student of a Canadian post-secondary institute is a must.
  • You must have an employment opportunity for an internship or work in Canada.
  • You require the work as a part of your study course. 
  • You will work for a single employer in one location for your entire stay in Canada. 

If you fulfill the criteria, you will be given an authorized employer-specific work permit. Your internship must be linked to your study program. Your employer must pay you the median wage or more decided upon for that province. 

Completing the online form

On the online form, you can fill-out certain fields, save the information and review it till you are ready to submit. 

  • Answer the questions truthfully and completely.
  • Your application form will stop being processed if you provide false information or submit an incomplete application. You can also be barred from entry to Canada. 
  • All the mandatory fields must be filled.
  • Include the woke history and education history.
  • All leaves and absences from work must be mentioned.
  • In the work history section, mention the paid or unpaid work. 

After the submission of your online application on the portal, you will receive your own personalized checklist of the documents. This checklist is to ensure you have the right supporting documents when needed. 

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Get all the documents you need

Use the personalized checklist to ensure you gather all the important documents. You will need to make electronic photocopies of these documents to submit them for processing. Make sure you have a scanner or a camera for this purpose. 

These photocopies must be uploaded in the document checklist section of the application. The authorities may request more documents and information during the application processing. 

Documents you may need

Listed below are some of the Ravel documents and supporting documents you will require while applying for your immigrant visa.

Proof of funds.

You will be required to submit proof of financial ability to support yourself during your stay in Canada to be submitted to the Border Device Officers when you arrive. 

Medical exams.

If the following apply to you, you will need to submit a copy of a medical exam with your application. 
  • If you have travelled or lived in certain countries recently for six months or more. 
  • If you wish to work in a field related to healthcare, care for children or the elderly. 

The doctor must be approved by the Immigrants Refugees Citizenship Canada. If you do not submit your medical exam, your application can get rejected or your permit will have certain medical restrictions. You will then be allowed to only work in that field that does not require a health exam. 

If you are unable to complete a medical exam and submit the results of the same when required, you can submit documents proving that you have requested one. The results of a medical exam are considered valid for up to one year. Ensure your exam is valid while submitting. 

Health insurance

You do not require to have health insurance while applying for the program, but you must have health insurance when you arrive at the Canadian border. The insurance must offer coverage for your entire trip to Canada. The authorities suggest getting your insurance after you receive your post of entry letter of introduction and letter of invitation. The insurance should cover the following.

  • Medical care and medical treatment. 
  • Hospitalization.
  • Cost of staying in a hospital during sickness.
  • Cost of you arriving at the medical facility.
  • Cost of your travel back to your country.
  • If required, it must cover the cost of sending your remains back to your home. 

You must have satisfactory medical coverage through the insurance for your entire stay in Canada. Your application is subjected to refusal should you have no health insurance. 

If your health insurance does not cover your entire stay in Canada, the permit issued to you will only be for the time period of your health insurance. You will not be able to extend your work permit time period or get a visa extension later. 

Police certificates

If you have spent more than 6 months in a country, a police certificate will have to be submitted from that country.  The certificate must have been issued by the country where you are currently residing within the last 6 months before submission of your application. 

If it is a certificate from a country where you previously stayed for more than six months, the certificate must have been issued when you left. That certificate will be valid if you have not gone back to that country. 


You will also be required to provide a photocopy of your CV or resume. The Curriculum Vitae must contain the following.
  • Educational qualifications and credentials.
  • Work experience. 
  • Duties fulfilled in each job.
  • Current job title.
  • City or country you are a current resident of.

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You must be a passport holder. The copy you provide of your passport must be clear and readable. Your passport number must be visible. You must have a valid passport when you submit your application for the International Experience Canada Program. It must be valid when you enter Canada and depart from Canada. The work permit issued to you will exceed the validity of your passport. It will expire when your passport expires. 

Pay your fees

The fee you will have to pay will differ based on what pool you apply under this program. There is a pay your fees tool made available that can be used to determine how much fee you are required to pay and the payment process as well. 

Submit your complete application

Before you submit your online visa application for applying for a visa, ensure the following.

  • You must have filled out all the mandatory form fields. 
  • You must have paid your application and processing fee.
  • The colour scans of your supporting documents must be readable.

Your online application will not get submitted unless it is complete and has included all the documents. Ensure all documentation in the document checklist is submitted. 

If you are unable to procure a police certificate, ensure you submit proof of your request for a police certificate. The decision of your application will not be affected by this. However, this may increase the processing time of your application. 

If you’re outside Canada. 

To submit your application, you can go to the location nearest to you. It may or may not be within your country. Collection service locations include the following.

  • Visa Application Centres anywhere in the world. 
  • Application Support Centres in the United States. These are available to you only if you are a legal resident or a legal citizen of the United States.
  • Temporary Collection location in Europe. 

If you’re already in Canada.

If you are residing in Canada applying for your first work visa, you will have to submit your biometrics. These can be submitted to any designated Service Canada locations. You also have the option to go directly to the Visa Application Centre. 

If you need an extension

If you were unable to submit your biometrics such as fingerprints within 30 days due to some unavoidable circumstances, you can request an extension to submit your biometrics. These are the conditions under which you cannot request an extension.

  • If you have to work.
  • If you are awaiting cheaper flights.
  • If you are currently travelling or have future vacation plans.
  • If the biometric collection centre is too far.
  • Other such factors that you can workaround.

With this program, you can support your travel expenses while living in Canada by working in Canada. You can live in Canada as a temporary resident, obtain a visitor visa or a working holiday visa to gain authorization to work in Canada. Apply for a visa, complete your application online and submit your Visa application form. Find out about the application process, how to apply for a temporary visa, visa fees, and the impact assessment to gain a Canadian work permit under the Canadian Experience Class. 

The  Canadian government has also introduced other programs such as the Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Programs to help those immigrating to Canada become a permanent resident of Canada, gain Canadian permanent resident status and become a Canadian citizen.  Special programs are also available for Canadian immigrants who are international students, foreign workers, temporary residents and skilled workers under the Provincial Nominee Programs. Quebec has a different Provincial Program. 

You can also live in Canada as a temporary foreign resident or a foreign national with a student visa, tourist visa, travel visa, business visa, work visa, investor visa, immigration visa or a spouse visa. Find out the visa requirements, visa services available, types of visas, how to apply and if you need a visa. 

So do not delay any longer. Find out from your Immigration consultant if you are eligible to apply for International Experience Canada according to the Canadian Immigration Law, and grab the chance to visit Canada today!