What's in store on election day of parliament?

What’s in store on election day of parliament?

On November 22, Canada will witness a new session of the parliament after a summer break and the 44th federal election.  

The Canadian MPs will be engaging themselves while making new laws and representing their constituents in the House of Commons. Two things that might happen prior to the duties being continued: 

  • Election of a new speaker 
  • The throne speech 

The throne speech is the opening speech before every session of the parliament, it doesn’t have to be after every election though. The government writes the speech and is approved by the prime minister of the country. The speech outlines the issues that will affect the citizens of Canada and the ideas and vision for the future.  

The speech for the 44th Parliament will be addressing the covid situation and the fight against the pandemic to make it stop, to build a better life for the people of Canada. The tradition followed is that Mary Simon the governor-general will be delivering the speech.  

Amidst this, the government might address immigration. The throne speech that was given last year, was in support of immigration. It further stated the government should make it easier for the people who sacrifice in support of the country to become a citizen of Canada. In the following months, Canada has created a one-time immigration pathway for the workers who are essential to the economy and the international graduates, even though the backlog concerning immigration is still growing.   

The throne speech is to be a broad brush for the government’s objectives. However, there is no change in the policy. Once the mandate letters are released by the ministers of the cabinet more nuance will be added.  

The first day and its traditions 

Before the parliament opens and is in session, the house of commons will have to elect a speaker. The speaker will be observing the parliament’s rules and will be maintaining order in the session during the debates. Anthony Rota was the previous speaker in the house, he was a member of parliament for the liberal part and the representative for Nipissing-Timiskaming, Ontario 

 As per the tradition, the first day of parliament starts with the ceremonial motions that involve preparing the throne speech. On behalf of the Senate, the Usher of the Black Rod makes his presence at the House of Commons. The MPs are invited to the House of Commons by the Usher. At the time of arrival, the MPs are asked to select a speaker before the throne speech is read by the Governor-General.   

The speaker is selected by a secret ballot once the MPs return to the House of Commons. After the speaker is chosen, the prime minister and the Official Position escort them to the chair. The newly-elected speaker may fake hesitance, which is a throwback to the time when the speaker of Britain gambled execution if the news was reported in a displeasing manner.   

The following day the speech is delivered, by the senate and Governor-General after the speaker is chosen and the MPs go back.


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