Toronto hosts its ninth annual Newcomer Day today

Toronto hosts its ninth annual Newcomer Day

Toronto hosts its ninth annual Newcomer Day today

Toronto hosts its ninth annual Newcomer Day today, May 25. This city hosts this event to enable new immigrants to adjust when they arrive here. They also get to understand the variety of settlement services available to them and become well-acquainted with their new home.

This particular event will occur at Nathan Phillips Square and will be functional from 10 am to 3 am. All the visitors and people from Toronto are most welcome to participate in this big event.

Newcomer Day in Toronto marks a warm welcome for newcomers arriving in the city. The idea of this whole event is to make them feel at home. Besides this, the day is celebrated through food trucks, performances, and relevant information to help them access a variety of existing programs.

In 2022, nearly 8,000 individuals participated in this event, and a greater number are set to arrive here.

Toronto hosts its ninth annual Newcomer Day – what is so special about it?

The Newcomer Day also consists of the most significant event, the Citizenship Ceremony amidst Canada’s Citizenship Week. Additionally, the Citizenship representative claims that 40 Permanent Residents will acquire Canadian Citizenship on this day.

Apart from this, other numerous other activities will take place.

For instance, material regarding civic involvement in Toronto will be made available to promote it among youth and newcomer groups. In a mock voting simulation, participants will have the chance to cast their ballots on issues that are significant to them.

Given that Toronto will elect a new mayor on June 26 and some immigrants may be voting for the first time in Canada, some people may find this exercise helpful.

To support newcomers as they settle in the city will also be a sizable contingent of representatives from colleges, language schools, career counseling services, community services (providing additional support to women and 2SLGBTQ+ community members), mental health services, etc.
Also, to aid newcomers in learning more about Canada’s indigenous past, there will be children’s activities and a class on designing Tipi. The option to attend a 30-minute walking tour of the neighborhood is also available. Toronto History Museums will be hosting it.

New immigrants in Toronto

23% of Canadians are immigrants, and Toronto has the most immigrants per capita in the country. According to Census 2021 data, immigrants make up 46.6% of the Toronto population.

15.7% of Canada’s non-permanent residents reside in Toronto, while 17.6% of new immigrants to the city in 2021 were refugees.
According to a census report put together by the local government, most immigrants in the city are women. Statistics Canada classifies these as trans women, non-binary people, and cisgender women. It was discovered that Women+ made up 49.9% of the population of Toronto’s non-immigrant population. In contrast, in Toronto, 53.9% of immigrants identify as Women+.

55% of all immigrants were Asian natives. The Philippines, India, and China form the top three birthplaces of immigrants to Toronto, according to census data.

According to research, 52.9% of the population in Toronto in 2021 was first-generation. This implies neither of their parents was known to have been born in Canada. This contrasts with 33.7% of Ontario’s population and 26.4% of all Canadians.