The amazing 6 Outdoors of Canada

The amazing 7 Outdoors of Canada

Are you coming to Canada for work, education, or just a holiday? Well, whatever the reason the outdoors of Canada can’t be missed. If you are living in the main cities of Canada well, then you are really close to some of the most beautiful landscapes.

When it’s not snowing outside you’ll be seeing a lot of hikers, yoga buffs, also adventure seekers on every nook and corner of the cities. 

When the weather isn’t in the minus degrees you will find hikers, cyclists, yoga buffs, and adventure seekers on every corner. We have picked out some of our favorite spots in Canada for that adrenaline rush inside of you.

Whale Watching on Vancouver Island

Do you remember watching whales on the discovery channel? Now imagine if you could see these whales right in front of you, swimming alongside your boat. If you want to experience this well then what are you waiting for? Get on that ferry and be a spectator of the best thing you could ever see and make your friends and family jealous.

Walk on the Glacier

Glaciers are rivers of ice. Well, what if we told you you could walk on one? A new addition to the attractions of Canada, it gives you the perfect amount of thrill you need, and also you will need to be a little courageous to walk on the glacier and capture the breathtaking scenery Alberta has to offer.

Walk on the Edge

Walking on the edge. Have you ever dreamt of it? Well, then how about you do it now. You are on the top of the tallest tower and you look down and realize what adrenaline rush feels like. 


You think you have experienced it all, think again. Have you tried skiing or snowboarding on the Blackcomb Mountains of Whistler. Located just 125 KM north of Vancouver with 200 marked trails these mountain offer you slopes and a terrain that you have never skied on. Packed with adventure this trip will give you chills. The altitude is perfect for an all nightery. So grab your jackets and ski your way down to the winter sport of Canada. 

The Forks Skating Arena

Now that you are skiing in Whistler what if we told you a path where there rivers flowing alongside you. The forks offer you that. Artists and architects, from around the world have built the warm huts that you will see on your way down as part of a competition. Not only are they beautiful but also handy as they provide the skiers with warmth and comfort after a long day on the ice. 

Roulston Lake 

Can you imagine 20 outdoor of Canada arenas in a palace. It truly is winter wonderland in the town of plaster Rock, New Brunswick, which is also hosts World Pond Hockey Championships. More than 100 teams gatherer here to compete  with each other in the games. This skating arena is open to the public during the rest of the winter when the games are not being conducted.

Rideau Canal Skaters Hub

Your skiing list is incomplete without this famous spot on it. Rideau Canal is a world heritage spot and also the largest frozen lake. Starting from January up until early march, thousands of skaters climb up this canal just to glide down and be a part of something that surely gives them the chills.

So, now that you have the perfect list of the outdoor of Canada activities has to offer. What are you waiting for? Grab that passport and head over to these destinations to keep your adrenaline rush high. If you want to know more about how you could enjoy all this and also be a Canadian permanent residency   then connect with Make Home Canada now.

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