Normally if people wish to travel to Canada as visitors for six months or less, they apply for a visitor visa. They then apply for an extension if they wish to extend their stay for a longer period of time in Canada. Also, they have to deposit a new fee payment. But if you are eligible for a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, with it you can meet your loved ones in Canada and stay with them for two years straight without renewing your status.

How the super visa works is that it is a multi-entry visa. That means, with a 10-year multiple-entry visa, you can stay in Canada for a period of six months at a time. But with a super visa, you can stay in Canada with your family members and relatives for up to two years. It provides multiple entries into Canada for at least 10 years. 

There are certain qualifications and eligibility criteria that are set down by the Immigrants Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that you must meet to be able to apply for a super visa. Read further to learn if you are eligible for a super visa. 

Qualification criteria for the Super Visa

You must meet the following qualifications to be able to apply for a super visa. 

  • You must be a parent or a grandparent of a person who is a Canadian permanent resident or a citizen of Canada or have a permanent resident card.
  • You should also have a signed letter from this person, your child or grandchild, inviting you to live in Canada. This must include a commitment to financially support you for the period of your stay in Canada. It must also have the number of people in their household and a copy of the proof of citizenship or permanent residence in Canada. 
  • The person inviting you must also have medical insurance from an insurance company. This insurance company must be Canada based. The insurance must stay valid for at least one year and offer a coverage of $100,000. Proof that the medical insurance is being paid on time is also required. 
  • You are required to apply for the super Visa from outside Canada for entry into Canada.
  • You might be required to undergo a medical examination for Immigration purposes. 
  • The person who invites you to their permanent residence in Canada must show proof that they can financially support you during your visit to Canada. Bank statements, letters of employment etc. can be submitted as proof of funding available to support you. 
  • The authorities will also check other factors to decide if you are eligible for a super visa such as your current status in the country you reside in, the purpose of your visit to Canada, your finances and economic situation, and also the financial and political stability of your home country. 
  • The authorities must also be convinced that you will leave Canada once your Visa has expired.

Super Visa aplication process steps

If you qualify to apply for the super visa, this is what you can do.

  • Gather the required documents. There are many supporting documents involved in this immigration process. You will require a copy of the letter of invitation sent to you by your family member who has a permanent residence status in Canada. 
  • The letter must have a commitment to financially support you during your stay, a list of the number of members in their household, a copy of proof of their Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status. 
  • There must also be proof that your relative’s household income meets the minimum necessary conditions. 
  • A copy of the report of your Immigration medical exam should also be submitted. 
  • You will also be required to submit your biometrics such as your fingerprints and your digital photograph. 

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What to do if you are visa-exempt.

If you are visa-exempt and do not need a visitor’s visa to enter Canada, you are still allowed to apply for a super visa. The super Visa will let you stay in Canada for a min of 2 years. If your application is approved by the IRCC, you will receive an issued letter from them that you can show the border service officer while entering Canada. 

Apply for a super visa online

As stated earlier, applying for a super visa while you are outside Canada for authorization to visit is one of the eligibility requirements. You may opt to submit the application form via mail or courier services or online. The authorities urge you to prefer the online method for several reasons.

  • Your application is instantly submitted to the authorities without you having to pay for courier or mailing services apart from the application fee. 
  • To process your application, the time span will be greatly reduced more quickly online.
  • Processing delays will be avoided and processing time will be reduced. Via mailing services, your application will be sent back to you if any of the fields remain vacant or if it is found incomplete. In the online process, you can be ensured that your application is complete and all fields are filled right before submitting it.
  • You will not have to submit your passport before it is required
  • If the authorities require further information or additional documents to be submitted, they can be easily done online than via the mail. 
  • You will be instantly made aware of any updates on your application. Your application updates can be tracked even more efficiently in the online mode. 

Once you have entered Canada, you can apply for a resident visa, work permit or student visa. You can also extend your stay beyond the period of time mentioned in your Visa applications or visa expiration. Consult an Immigration consultant to understand the whole process. 

If you yourself wish to become a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen, the IRCC has a program called the Parent and Grandparent Program. This program allows your child or grandchild, if they are lawful permanent residents of Canada, to sponsor you to emigrate to Canada and become a permanent resident there. You can read more about the sponsorship program and understand how you can submit your application for permanent residence on our website. 

If you dream to visit your children who have a permanent residence in Canada, check your eligibility and apply for a super visa today!!