BC INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: British Columbia Institute of Technology is a public polytechnic institution, which offers extensive opportunities to students in high tech development and research.

BC UNIVERSITY: The University of British Columbia offers renowned courses dedicated to research, making it one of the top 20 universities in the world.

SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY: This public research university relies on a tertiary education system focused on research, innovation, and community outreach.

MCGILL UNIVERSITY: Renowned as one of the best medical doctoral universities in Canada, McGill University is known as one of the oldest Canadian universities that offer excellent research.

VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL: Vancouver Film School trains its students for the real world and sets out multiculturalism values through global education.

FLAIRLEIGH DICKINSON UNIVERSITY: Known as Canada’s largest polytechnic institute, it unites five buildings located within Vancouver.

Study Programs in Canada

Canada is a perfect place to explore educational opportunities for candidates who want to live and study in the country as well as those who want to work part-time as an international student. With a sound publicly-owned schooling system and world-renowned educational institutions, Canada offers numerous learning programs to enhance the learning experience of foreign students. Moreover, the country provides a student grant and even an international scholarship to potential candidates.

When is a Study Permit required?

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A study permit is required for students who are willing to take study courses in Canada, spanning longer than six months. Usually, the validity of a study permit is calculated based on the length of the study program with additional 90 days. Moreover, if the duration of the study program is less than six months, then a study permit is not required; however, candidates prefer to obtain a study permit, as it enables them to work on and off-campus. On the other hand, International students without a study permit have to apply for a work permit to be able to work.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify to study in Canada, an international student must meet the below requirements:

  •       Be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institute (DLI)
  •       Have sufficient financial resources (to bear living expenses, tuition fees, and return transportation costs)
  •       No criminal record
  •       Good health
  •       Show the intention to leave Canada after the expiry of the permit

Processing Time for Application

Generally, the average processing times for a study permit takes around 15 weeks, depending on factors, such as the student’s nationality and where he/she is applying from. Furthermore, if a student qualifies for the Student Direct Stream (SDS), his/her application can be processed quickly.

Students from the below countries may qualify for the SDS and can obtain a study permit in up to 20 days.

  •       India
  •       China
  •       Morocco
  •       The Philippines
  •       Pakistan
  •       Vietnam
  •       Senegal

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