Sean Fraser announces work permit extension for PGWP holders

Sean Fraser announces work permit extension for PGWP holders

Sean Fraser announces work permit extension for PGWP holders

The Immigration Minister of Canada has just announced the work permit extension for PGWP holders, i.e., candidates with expiring post-graduate work permits can apply again for open work permit extensions from 6th April 2023.

This extension is available for expiring PGWP holders for 2022 & 2023. Beginning on the 6th of April, applicants will be able to apply on the IRCC website. Further, they will get an email having an interim work permit which they can show to their superiors to continue working in Canada.

Applicants whose legal status has ended can also apply for this extension, even if their status expired outside the 90 days grace period.

Moreover, the IRCC will send messages to those eligible for the extension inviting them to log in to their accounts. Also, PGWPs are available to international students who graduated from Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

DLIs are colleges, universities, and other institutions wherein international students apply for a degree. 

PGWPs enable international applicants to work for the employer of their choice in Canada for three years. Moreover, Canada’s economic class immigration has made PGWPs highly coveted for these foreign candidates.

The work permit extension for PGWP holders can therefore support the labor market integration of international students who become permanent inhabitants of Canada.

The combination of gaining education along with work experience can improve one’s communication skills. This can help develop social networks in Canada, thereby contributing to the economic integration of these candidates.

The work permit extension for PGWP holders is also being done because specific pathways, like the Express Entry System, offer points to candidates with education and work experience.

In addition, there are provincial pathways, like Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), that also offer points for the same.

Thus, as most of Canada’s students intend to apply for permanent residency, the work permit extension for PGWP holders is taking place.

Interestingly, PGWP holders are majorly temporary residents who wish to transition to permanent residents.

In 2022, nearly 98,000 PGWP holders became permanent inhabitants, out of which 82% were TRs, who became PRs.

Canada is now looking to welcome 465,000 new residents in 2023. This number is going to rise to a target of 500,000 by 2025.

Though Canada has no target to transition TRs into PRs, Minister Fraser has repeatedly stated his desire for such transitions. This is said to be majorly done via Express Entry.

Due to this strong demand for PGWP holders transitioning to permanent inhabitants, IRCC has made two exceptions, enabling applicants to apply for open work permit extensions.

The purpose of these exceptions is to give time to applicants to receive permanent residence.

By the end of 2022, IRCC reports that there will be more than 286,000 PGWP holders in Canada. In addition, over 127,000 PGWPs will expire in 2023. Furthermore, over 67,000 PGWP holders have already submitted applications for permanent residency. Due to this program, they will not need to extend their work visa.