Quebec is the only predominantly French-speaking province, located in the eastern part of Canada. This Canadian province not only preserves the French culture in its rich architecture as well as everyday life. Moreover, French is the major language used for communication across the province, and also, there are many cities, towns, mountains, and rivers named in French.

Montreal, the capital city of Quebec, is quite popular for its central, triple-peaked hill, and the city has a population of more than 4 million people. This right-on province goes around with the traditional European Napoleonic code unlike the other provinces that follow English common law. Another best thing about Quebec is French cuisine. Poutine, the national food of Canada, also originated in this province. You cannot ever stop exploring the rich culture and beauty of this Canadian province.

Are you willing to work and live in this beautiful province? It is best to start with researching the in-demand jobs in the province. If you obtain an in-demand job offer, you will secure higher possibilities of being invited to apply for permanent residency in the province. However, before discussing the in-demand jobs, we suggest you learn more about the framework of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program so that you can determine your eligibility.

The Framework of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

The Quebec Department of Immigration functions separately from the IRCC. Similar to the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of many other provinces, you must directly apply to the governing body of the province. You must first submit an expression of interest to Ministère de l’Immigration to demonstrate your intent to settle permanently in Quebec. If you meet the eligible qualifications and/or skills requirement, the immigration department will issue you an Invitation to Apply. Another important point to note here is higher points are rewarded for French language ability compared to English.

Skilled Worker Program

On the basis of a points grid awarded against specified criteria, candidates are selected for immigration to Quebec. There are certain factors that are considered for evaluation, including:

  •       Age
  •       Work Experience
  •       Training/Qualifications
  •       French/English language ability
  •       Family connection
  •       Permanent Job offer
  •       Spouse factors
  •       Dependent factors
  •       Financial resources

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Check the below of the in-demand jobs/occupations in this Canadian province:

1. Administration, Business, and Finance occupations

Greenhouse and Nursery Worker
General Farm WorkerEligible Occupations
Investment and financial Analysts
Auditors and Accountants
Appraisers, valuators, and assessors
Other financial officers
Human resource – Professional occupations
Advertising, marketing, and public relations – Professional occupations
Business management consulting – Professional occupations
Securities agents, brokers, and investment dealers

2. Health Occupations

Eligible Occupations
Licensed nurses (Practical)
& Supervisors, head nurses, and registered nurses
Technologists – Medical radiation
Other technical occupations in assessment and therapy

3. Managerial Jobs/Occupations

Eligible Occupations
Managerial professionals at marketing, advertising, and sales
Administration assistants
Managerial Professionals at Banking, credit, and investment
Computer and Information system managers
Engineering Managers
Manufacturing Managers
Human Resource Managers

4. Applied & Natural Sciences and related occupations

Eligible Occupations
Aerospace Engineers
Agricultural and fish product inspectors
Inspectors in occupational health and safety and public and environmental health
Architectural technicians and technologists
Biologists and other scientists
Biological technicians and technologists
Chemical technicians and technologists
Computer engineers (excluding software designers and engineers)
Interactive media developers and Computer programmers
Computer network technicians
Construction Inspectors
Construction estimators
Data based analysts and administrators
Drafting technicians and technologists
Electronics and Electrical Engineers
Geoscientists and oceanographers
Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers
Civil Engineers
Industrial designers
Manufacturing technicians and technologists and Industrial Engineers
Information systems consultants and analysts
Information systems testing technicians
Mechanical engineering technicians and technologists
Mechanical Engineers
Other professional engineers n.e.c.
Physicists and astronomers
Software engineers and designers
User support technicians
Web designers and developers

5. Occupations in Art, Culture, Sport, and Recreation

Eligible Occupations
Curators and conservators
Graphic illustrator and designers
Graphic arts technicians
Public archive and library technicians
Interpreters, translators, and terminologists

6. Occupations in Education, Government Service, Religion, and Social Science

Eligible Occupations
Marketing researchers, BDOs, and consultants
College instructors and other vocational instructors
Social service and community workers
Social Science – Professional occupations

7. Occupations related to Manufacturing, Processing, and Utilities

Eligible Occupations
Operators of Machining tool
Operators of Chemical plant machine
Other products assembly and manufacturing – Supervisors
Other metal and mechanical products manufacturing – Supervisors
Electrical products manufacturing – Supervisors
Electronics manufacturing – Supervisors
Assembling Motor vehicle – Supervisors
Manufacturing Rubber and Plastic products – Supervisors
Food and beverage processing – Supervisors

8. Sales and Service Occupations

Eligible Occupations
Wholesale trade (non-technical) – Sales and account executives
Wholesale trade – Technical sales specialists
Eligible Occupations
Aircraft mechanics
Heavy equipment mechanics
Machine fitters
Tool inspectors and Machinists
Tool and die makers

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