Provincial Nominee Program draws- candidates receive ITAs

Provincial Nominee Program draws

Provincial Nominee Program draws- candidates receive ITAs

The Provincial Nominee Program draws took place recently, and candidates received invitations through British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario.

A majority of Canadian provinces or territories, excluding Quebec and Nunavut, function through a set of PNPs. Furthermore, the programs enable candidates to apply for a Provincial Nomination. Obtaining this nomination will be beneficial to acquire a permanent residence further.

Quebec is responsible for governing its immigration programs, which are distinct from other Canadian immigration programs. Quebec is one such province that completely controls the selection of economic class candidates.

Moreover, the Provincial Nominee Program is said to welcome at least 105,000 PR admissions annually. The concept of PNP emerged in 1998; ever since PNP admissions have consistently increased. The federal and provincial governments believe that PNPs enable economic growth in areas outside the urban cities.

Provincial Nominee Program draws between January 22 – January 27- their outcomes


Ontario sent 600 ITAs to candidates under the category of Employment Job Offer. This was the International Student stream, a part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The draw was a general one without any targeted occupations. A minimum score of 82 was essential to receive an invitation to apply.

The International Student stream applies to international students with an employment offer in a specific skilled occupation. Moreover, the employment offer must belong to a skilled profession under the TEER category (0, 1, 2, and 3). The TEER is a part of the National Occupational Classification.

On January 25, Ontario issued invitations to 692 candidates under the Master’s Graduate stream. Candidates who received the ITAs had to meet the minimum score of 44.

To gain eligibility under this stream, they must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Hold a master’s degree from Ontario’s eligible university.
  • Meeting the Canadian Language Benchmark of 7 in French or English language.
  • Having legal experience of living in Ontario for at least a period of one year within the last two years. 

British Columbia

On January 24, British Columbia sent 221 ITAs to candidates in a general draw with tech occupations. Additionally, the candidates received invitations under the Skilled Worker and International Graduate categories. It also included Express Entry candidates. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled candidates also received invitations to apply. The general draw needed a SIRS score between 81 and 102.

The SIRS was very similar to the Comprehensive Ranking System but only applies to British Columbia PNP.

British Columbia also held invitation rounds for candidates under the following occupations:

  • Thirty-One Early Childhood Educators and Assistants with the least score of 60 points.
  • Eighteen Healthcare Workers under the categories- Skilled Worker, International Graduates, and Express Entry with a minimum score of 60 points.
  • In-demand occupations with the least score of 60 points.

Provincial Nominee Program draws results- Manitoba

On January 26, Manitoba issued 336 invitations to candidates under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Candidates require to fulfill the essential eligibility requirements for the particular program. Manitoba invited the following:

  • Manitoba Skilled Workers sent 253 invitations, with the least score of 726.
  • Skilled Workers Overseas sent 23 invitations with the least score of 713.
  • International Education Stream sent 60 invitations with zero score requirement.

32 of the candidates who received the invitations had Express Entry profiles.