Provincial immigration outcomes recently released

Provincial immigration outcomes

Provincial immigration outcomes recently released

Provincial immigration outcomes were recently released. Canadian provinces, including Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island, issued invitations to eligible candidates. The draws in Alberta and Quebec occurred in December but have been published lately.

A majority of Canadian provinces and territories function through the Provincial Nominee Programs and have their own set of programs. Candidates who look forward to obtaining a Provincial Nomination can do so with the help of PNPs. Besides this, a provincial nomination can lead to permanent residency.

On the other hand, Quebec governs its own immigration programs and is the only province with complete authority over selecting economic-class immigrants.

Moreover, Provincial Nominee Program continues to bring in as many as 105,000 permanent residents yearly since it began in 1988. Both federal and provincial governments believe that PNP is an excellent means to serve economic growth other than in urban cities.

Provincial immigration outcomes between January 14 and January 20


Under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program, candidates received 129 ITAs for a provincial nomination under the Alberta Express Entry Stream on December 8. However, the outcomes were only recently published, and candidates received a CRS score of 305.

Additionally, Alberta recently declared the additional selection factor under its criteria. It stated that Express Entry candidates under AAIP will receive invitations based on in-demand occupations and immediate family connections. These will serve as selection factors for federal Express Entry draws.

However, AAIP streams haven’t undergone any changes in the eligibility criteria.


Quebec issued invitations to 1047 skilled workers to proceed with permanent selection applications on December 15. However, the results only recently came out. Moreover, the draw focused on candidates with occupations of specific NOCs. Therefore, candidates received employment offers outside the Montreal Metropolitan community. Also, it required an Expression of Interest score of 571 under Arrima.

The MiFi issued invitations to candidates under the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program. Supposedly if Quebec selects a candidate for permanent selection, they will have around 60 days for application submission and fee payment. The province looks forward to completing the processing of applications within six months. The days begin when all information is obtained, including all forms and documents.

British Columbia provincial immigration outcome

On January 17, British Columbia issued invitations to over 187 candidates to apply for a provincial nomination. The province issued invitations to 154 candidates in a general tech occupation draw. Also, the candidates received invitations in the Skilled Worker and International Graduate categories. Invitations were also issued to Express Entry, Entry Level, and Semi-Skilled candidates.

Also, the Skilled Worker and International Graduate stream candidates expected an essential SIRS score of 105. Candidates at the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Level needed a score of 82 points. SIRS is similar in its attributes to the Comprehensive Ranking System. However, SIRS applies only to British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

The province too conducted invitation rounds for those candidates working in the following occupations:

  • Eighteen Childhood Educators and Assistants- least score of 60 points.
  • Fifteen Healthcare Workers under the categories of Skilled Worker, International Graduate, and Express Entry with a least score of 60.
  • In-demand occupations have a score of 60 points.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island issued 216 invitations to candidates via the Labour and Express Entry Stream, a part of the PEI Provincial Nominee Program. Additionally, the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur invited seven candidates with the least score of 62 points.

Prince Edward Island PNP conducted its first draw of 2023 on January 19, and the province usually conducts it once every month.

Express Entry candidates seeking a nomination by PEI will be required to submit an individual Expression of Interest to the PEI Provincial Nominee Program.