Prince Edward Island is the smallest province of Canada, and this island province is connected to the mainland through a 12.9-km long bridge. Moreover, this province makes only 0.1% of the total land of the country; however, the province offers numerous employment/job options in various industries and sectors, with tourism being at the top during summers. Fisheries, agriculture, aerospace, Information Technology (IT), and bioscience are some of the other booming industries of the province, creating countless opportunities. Also, the Canadian province is famous across the world for mussels.

Let us take a look at the pathways you have to begin your Canadian immigration adventure if you have relevant work experience in one of the in-demand jobs of this province.

The Framework of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

This program aims to meet the workforce requirements of the province. Under the PEI PNP, there are two major pathways for candidates who have an in-demand job offer to obtain permanent residency. The pathways are as below:

  •       Critical Workers Stream
  •       The Express Entry system

Being an Atlantic province, Prince Edward Island offers an additional option to prospective applications through Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Let us see which option is most suitable for you as per your occupation.

Critical Workers Stream

Applicants under this stream must obtain a valid in-demand full-time job offer, as specified for the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. Moreover, candidates must have at least six months of work experience with a Prince Edward Island employer, who has offered a full-time job to the candidate. The eligible jobs must be classified under NOC level C or D. Also, candidates in the trucking sector are not required to have a six-month work experience to apply for permanent residency under this stream.

Eligible Occupations/Jobs (Skill Level C)
Licensed Nursing Assistants
Industrial Butchers
Beverage & Food Servers
Delivery Workers
Long Haul Truck Drivers
Eligible Occupations/Jobs (Skill Level D)
Cleaning Staff
Fruit Pickers

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Express Entry System

This Express Entry-aligned PNP stream is for the applicants outside of Canada who do not have Canadian work experience but are willing to apply for permanent residence. The below list shows the eligible in-demand jobs in Prince Edward Island with their NOC codes:

Eligible Occupations
Aerospace Engineers
Aerospace Inspectors
Chemical Technicians
Family physicians and General practitioner
Pipe Fitters
Professors at University
Registered Nurses
Social Workers
Specialist Physician
Speech-Language Pathologist

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

In order to meet eligibility for the AIPP, you must first obtain a valid full-time job offer from an employer in Prince Edward Island. Also, there are various professions that will be repetitive among the AIPP, the Express Entry program, and the Critical Workers Stream. However, applying through AIPP has a major advantage: it includes both skilled and semi-skilled positions, which means that the candidates with occupations listed under NOC skill level 0, A, B, and C may be eligible for obtaining permanent resident status. Below is the list of in-demand occupations listed under NOC skill level C that qualify under AIPP:

Eligible Occupations
Contact centre agent
Delivery Workers
Seafood plant and fish workers
Beverage & Food Servers
Farm Workers
Security/Safety guards
Home support workers
Industrial Butchers
Licensed Nursing Assistants
Long Haul Truck Drivers
Material handlers
Sales executives

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