If you have permanent resident status in Canada and wish for your parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada, you can sponsor them through the Parent and Grandparent program. Through this program, introduced by the Canadian government, those who wish to sponsor and are permanent residents of Canada, or have Canadian citizenship, can sponsor their parents, grandparents, spouse, children and other dependents to emigrate to Canada and gain permanent residency. 

The Parent and Grandparent Program is by the Immigrants, Refugees, Citizenship Canada which helps those who wish to move to Canada as immigrants, protect refugees entering Canada, and have various programs to help newcomers settle in Canada. They also have introduced the Express Entry Program and various Provincial Nominee Programs to help those immigrating to Canada gain Canadian permanent residence. 

The process begins with you submitting an Interest to the Sponsor. Then you can submit a complete application to the program if you are invited to. The processing time is predicted to be around 20 to 24 months. You can thus sponsor your parents or grandparents to gain Canadian permanent residency.  

Am I eligible to sponsor my Parent and Grandparent? 

You can become a sponsor to help your parents and grandparents gain Canadian residency if you qualify the following criteria.

  • You should be at least 18 years old and live in Canada.
  • You must have Canadian citizenship or be a permanent resident of Canada. You can also be registered in Canada.
  • You must be financially sound to support you and your family members. You must provide proof of funds.
  • You must promise to an undertaking. Under this, you will commit to financially support your sponsored family member for a period of 20 years from when they become permanent residents.
  • Under the Sponsorship Agreement, you will commit to providing the basic requirements of your sponsored family member and they will make efforts in order to support themselves. You will still sign the undertaking and sponsorship agreement as a part of your application process.
  • If you live in Canada in the province of Quebec and wish to sponsor, it is essential for you to fulfil  Quebec’s Immigration Sponsorship requirements. The ministry of Quebec which is in charge of Immigration will assess your financial situation and income. You will also have to comply to sign the undertaking with the Quebec province. 

You will not be eligible to sponsor someone to become a Canadian citizen if the following are true for you. 

  • If you’re younger than 18 years
  • If you will not be a Canadian resident when your sponsored family members become Canadian permanent residents.
  • You cannot sponsor if you are not a citizen or permanent resident or do not have a permanent resident card.
  • If you are a temporary resident, have a study visa or a work permit, if you are in Canada on the basis of a temporary permit and your permanent resident application is in process.
  • If you are not financially capable to support the person you want to sponsor.
  • If you are in jail or any other correctional institution or if you are not a lawful permanent resident.
  • If you have been unable to pay back an immigrant loan, or alimony or child support.
  • If you do not give the financial aid you promised to the person you sponsored in the past.
  • If you declared bankruptcy. 
  • You cannot be a sponsor if you receive social assistance from the government of Canada other than for a disability.
  • If you have been convicted of a violent crime, offence towards a relative or any sexual offence while living in Canada or outside. 
  • You cannot sponsor if you are legally required to leave the country due to a removal order.

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The steps of the application process.

You are first required to submit an Interest to the Sponsor. The IRCC picks eligible candidates at random to send these invitations. If you are selected, the IRCC will send you an invitation asking you to apply for the program. You can follow the below-given steps in order to complete your application for this Program.

1. Submitting the Interest to Sponsor.

This is the first step to the Parents and Grandparents Program. In the event that you make multiple submissions, the last submission is considered for evaluation. 

2. Invitation to apply. 

The authorities randomly select potential sponsors from all the qualifying candidates. After the first step, if you are selected, an invitation to apply will be sent to you by the authorities of the program. 

3. Application package.

The authorities suggest to not waste precious time and resources by starting the application process before receiving the invitation. If you are invited, you will receive an application package that contains the updated forms and information about supporting documents. 

The package will include a checklist, and various forms you and the person you are sponsoring are required to complete and submit. It also has a guide of instructions to help you fill the forms correctly and quickly. 

The instructions are to be read through carefully. You must take care that you meet all the qualifying criteria, submit the information that is verified and true. This is important as your application process fee is not refundable. 

Submission of the right forms is important if you want to prepare or help with the preparation process for your parents’ application and their ability to communicate with the concerned authorities. You will be acting as their representative and are required to check on their application status.

4. Paying application fee.  

This fee includes your processing fee, the Right of Permanent Residence Fee of the person or persons you are sponsoring as well the biometrics fee. The fee is to be paid online. 

The biometrics fee is to be paid while submitting your application or else the application process can experience delays. The biometrics fee includes the costs of collecting fingerprints and digital photographs. 

You may also be required to pay a third party fee for your medical exams and police certificate. The instruction manual will have details to help you understand the fee structure. 

5. Submission of your application.

From the time that you receive the invitation, you have to complete and submit your application within a time span of 60 days. The mailing address and guidelines are specified in the instructions manual. Courier and mailing services can also be used to submit as well as track your application. 

The authorities are within their right to return the application if it is found to be incomplete or missing information, or if the application is received without the invitation or authorization being sent or after the mentioned deadline.  

The IRCC has made this program, so you can sponsor your parents, grandparents, children or spouse to become permanent residents of Canada and apply for citizenship. Your own parents, grandparents and relatives,  related by blood or adoption, and in some cases, your common-law partner can be sponsored by you, get a resident visa and become a Canadian. 

What are you waiting for? Find out if you are eligible to become a sponsor by the Canadian Immigration Law, and bring your loved ones to Canada today!