Located in northern Canada, Northwest Territories make a perfect destination for outdoor people. The territory is home to the largest lake in Canada, Great Bear Lake, with an area of 31,153 km2.

The Northwest Territories are the second-largest Canadian territory, spread across an area of 1,300,000 km2; however, the region is sparsely populated with nearly 40,000 people. The territory is bound by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Yukon Territory to the west, and Nunavut to the east. Moreover, nearly 25% of the territory falls above the Arctic Circle.

Followed by the discovery of gold, its capital city, Yellowknife, was founded in 1934. Since then, the city has emerged as a small, yet booming hub for business.

Living expenses in Northwest Territories

Cost of living in Northwest territories

The majority of regions in the Northwest Territories are remote. Due to isolated regions, the transportation costs are relatively higher, which eventually impacts the price of essentials and other general purchases. However, the per hour wage and salary paid in the Northwest Territories at $13.46 per hour, are also the highest in Canada. Moreover, the territory is insisting on welcoming more skilled workers to the region by offering a lucrative bonus or supplement to these applicants.

Economy of Northwest Territories

The extraction of petroleum and natural gas and mining of gold and diamonds are the primary activities that run the economy of the territory in current times. The land has an abundance of resources, making mining one of the major industries in the region. Thus, the territory offers many employment opportunities to new immigrants in the mining field, followed by the transport and jewelry industry.

Demographics of Northwest Territories

Demographics of Northwest Territories

In Northwest Territories, the largest portion of the population is aboriginal, while the remaining population is English, Irish, Scottish, French, and German. Furthermore, the territory has 14 recognized languages, with English as the official language. In the list, there are a few aboriginal languages as well, including Chipewyan, Cree, and Inuktitut.

The maximum number of immigrants that arrive in the Northwest Territories is from the Philippines and the United Kingdom, while a smaller group of as little as 3,000 people arrive from the rest of the world. Nearly half of the region’s population follows the Protestant and Catholic faiths; however, there are people representing other religions, including Sikh, Hindu, and Buddhism.

Almost 20,000 of the territory’s population has their home in the capital city of Yellowknife. The major reason is the availability of numerous job opportunities in the mining and transportation industry in the region.

Education in Northwest Territories

 The territory has only two colleges, and these are The Academy of Learning College and Aurora College. Both of these offer limited learning programs, out of which many are in information technology, business, accounting, and office administration. However, the territory provides great academic opportunities to the students who are interested in studying business management, as there are a variety of study programs in this field.


Attractions in Northwest Territories

As mentioned earlier, the territory is a popular destination for a fun-outdoor experiences. The most famous of such outdoor activities include camping, mountain climbing, hunting, dog-sledding, fishing, and wildlife viewing. There are many diverse and exciting activities for people from different sets of ages groups and interests. Northwest Territories is ideal for those who prefer a quiet and comfortable life in a beautiful, striking region.

Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program is the territory’s immigration program to invite newcomers to apply for permanent residency in the territory. These are the four active immigration categories under the program:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Critical Impact Worker
  • Self-Employed Business

Immigrate to Northwest Territories

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