New Humanitarian pathway launched for specific foreign nationals

New Humanitarian pathway launched for specific foreign nationals

New Humanitarian pathway launched for specific foreign nationals

A new Humanitarian pathway was launched for specific foreign nationals, including Colombians, Haitians, and Venezuelans. Canada recently declared that it will be offering an option for inconsistent migration. This implies the country will be inviting more than 15,000 individuals using the Family-based Humanitarian pathway alongside different programs.

New Humanitarian pathway launched for specific foreign nationals – Venezuelans, Colombians, and Haitians

Marc Miller recently confirmed that the new humanitarian pathway will increase the chances of permanent residents for Venezuelan, Colombian, and Haitian foreign nationals. This pathway is now ready to take applications.

The immigration minister even acclaimed that they are ready to offer safe and legal pathways to homeless individuals. As a result, they will be able to establish a new life in the country. Doing so solidifies the communities through the various contributions of such new immigrants. In addition, it leads to economic progress and helps address the labor market gaps.

If an individual must be eligible for this new pathway, they must meet the following criteria:

  • The primary applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident’s kid (regardless of age), grandchild, spouse, common-law partner, parent, grandparent, or sibling.
  • They must also commit to providing their family with one year of financial support.

You must use the IRCC web portal to submit your application in order to apply. A signed statutory declaration from your anchor attesting to their willingness to assist you in Canada will also be required. To gain eligibility to apply, you must also intend to reside outside of Quebec, as the province has opted out of the program.

This pathway will permit those arriving in Canada to access pre-arrival services. These include:

  • An employment skills evaluation.
  • Referral to a settlement service-providing firm within their specific community.
  • They might achieve temporary financial assistance through the Resettlement Assistance Program.

Canada’s enthusiasm for inviting immigrants from the Americas

Canada is all set to invite at least 4,000 additional individuals under the current temporary worker programs. This includes the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. Additionally, the nation intends to use the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot, a current labor mobility pathway for refugees.

The goal of these initiatives is to reduce the burden of migration in the Western Hemisphere. For a few people uprooted due to political, social, or economic instability, the new humanitarian channel offers an alternative to irregular migration.
Investing $75 million over six years for initiatives throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, Canada is strengthening its support for capacity-building activities in the area in addition to the new pathway. Through these initiatives, asylum capability will gain strength, and migrant and refugee integration into local communities and the labor market will be improved.

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