Manitoba is Canada’s central province, well-known for being home to Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world. Manitoba is bordered by Ontario and Saskatchewan, two other Canadian provinces. It has a varied landscape of lakes and rivers, forests and prairies, and mountains. 

Manitoba has a secure and stable economy, with a low cost of living, making it an affordable option for immigrants. Its economy is majorly driven through natural resources and agricultural activities, and the province makes a significant contribution to Canada’s wealth. Newcomers in Manitoba are served through integrated communities, stable labour-market, and extensive natural resources.

Manitoba nominates new immigrants for Canadian permanent residency through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Under this program, the province targets candidates with relevant skills and experience. Eligible candidates get a Provincial Nomination Certificate from Manitoba. Nominated candidates can apply with the Canadian government to obtain permanent resident status in Canada.

The MPNP invites applications under various streams. Make home Canada has briefed additional information below, about the current streams and streams, those are being restructured under the MPNP renewal process for immigration process:

1. Skilled Worker Immigration Stream

        • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream
        • Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

2. Manitoba Business Investor Stream

        • Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway
        • Human Capital Pathway

3. Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative – through MPNP

4. International Education Stream

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Skilled Worker Immigration Stream

Under the Skilled Worker Immigration Stream, candidates have to submit their profile in the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool. For submission of the EOI profile, applicants have to answer a few questions online and do not have to complete documentation at this stage. All the profiles in the pool will receive a score based on the answers submitted. The MPNP will rank all the candidates based on a series of factors, and candidates with the highest scores receive an invitation to submit their application to the MPNP. 

Currently, Manitoba is accepting applications from skilled workers under two streams. Both streams are aligned with the MPNP Expression of Interest system. These streams have four pathways:

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

Applicants under this stream include temporary foreign workers and international student graduates, who are currently working in the province. To be eligible, candidates must obtain a full-time job offer with an employer in the province. This pathway does not require applicants to demonstrate a connection to Manitoba, like the other pathways of the MPNP. Skilled Worker program is not focused on a points-based assessment. This stream has two pathways:

1. Manitoba Work Experience Pathway

Applicants under this pathway include temporary workers and international graduates, who are currently working in Manitoba, on temporary work permits.

2. Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

Applicants under this pathway include potential candidates outside of Canada, who are interviewed by an eligible Manitoba employer and a representative of the MPNP. Qualified candidates who get a job offer obtain an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence under this pathway.

Skilled Worker Overseas

The Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas stream targets applicants who may be outside of Canada. This is a point-based system. Applicants under this stream include qualified skilled workers who can show a connection to the province. A connection can be shown through:

  • Family or friends
  • Invitation of the MPNP
  • Past education or employment
  • A minimum score of 60 points in these criteria:
        • Age,
        • Education,
        • Language proficiency,
        • Work experience, and
        • Adaptability.

This stream has two pathways to invite applicants for a provincial nomination, these are:

1. Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

This pathway is aligned with the federal government’s Express Entry immigration system. Applicants under this pathway include Express Entry candidates, who have an active profile and meet eligibility under Express Entry and MPNP stream. Applicants have to show a strong family connection to the province and related work experience.

2. Human Capital Pathway

This pathway includes skilled workers with relevant experience in an in-demand occupation in Manitoba. Candidates have to show the ability to integrate themselves in the labour-market connections through those occupations.

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Manitoba Business Investor Stream (earlier MPNP-B)

Applicants under this stream include individuals who are willing to settle and establish a business in Manitoba. This stream also runs on an ‘Expression of Interest’ system, potential immigrants can apply to the program, and most competitive candidates receive an Invitation to apply for immigrating to the province. This stream includes two pathways:

1. Farm Investor Pathway (earlier Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative)

The Farm Investor Pathway invites individuals who have relevant farm experience and enough funds to immigrate to the province and establish a farm in Manitoba.

2. Entrepreneur Pathway

The Entrepreneur pathway has substituted the MPNP-B stream. This pathway enables the province to recruit and nominate foreign business owners who are willing to move to the province, establish a new business, or purchase an existing business. Candidates have to obtain a temporary work permit to set up a new business or co-own an existing one within the first two years of arrival in the province.

Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative

Morden is a city in Manitoba, located 112km southwest of Winnipeg. Morden immigration initiative enables the province to nominate applicants who can contribute to the targeted occupations in the city including, welders, carpenters, cooks, plumbers, and pipefitters. The purpose of the initiative is to invite permanent residents to the community.

International Education Stream (IES)

Applicants under this stream include Manitoba graduates who can obtain Canadian permanent residency faster as compared to other pathways. This stream has three pathways:

1. Career Employment Pathway

Applicants under this pathway include international graduates who have eligible qualifications including educational credentials and training, and have obtained long-term employment in an in-demand occupation in the province.

2. Graduate Internship Pathway

Applicants under this pathway include international students who have graduated with a master’s or doctoral degree from an eligible post-secondary institution in the province and have registered in internships for the benefit of the province. 

3. Student Entrepreneur Pathway (International Student Entrepreneur Pilot)

The IES pilot offers an opportunity to up to 20 international students, who have graduated in Manitoba and are willing to establish a business in the province, each calendar year. Qualifying candidates will receive a provincial nomination to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

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