Finding a job in a new country can be strenuous, followed by all the different standards and skills required. Moreover, waiting for the perfect job opportunity can take more than just a while; thus, you have to be patient. Here your waiting is over for job and get ready with your job application.

Many newcomers end up doing jobs below their skills and qualifications, known as “survival jobs”; however, this is a temporary obstruction for those who are willing to work with perseverance towards success.

Maybe your new job would not match the job that you had in your home country, but to help you with the process, there are many support systems to assist you in landing on your dream job. 

Job Application in Canada

Steps to getting recruited for the perfect job and get a job application

  • Your educational qualifications must be assessed by the Canadian authorities.
  • You must ensure that your language proficiency in English or French is up to the mark.
  • Improve your qualifications and skill-set by taking the required qualifying examinations. 

Another crucial step is researching the labour market, especially if you have a particular skill-set and qualifications. Researching labour market is essential because there might be any specific province or territory in Canada which is specifically looking for candidates with the skill-set as yours. Thus, you have to check on such area-specific jobs, as you do not want to miss such opportunities. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the best pathway to immigrate to Canada if you meet the labour demands of any specific province 

Steps to ensure that you set your foot in the Canadian job industry like clockwork:

  • Research the labour market
  • Know if your profession is regulated or not in Canada (Candidates who are qualified as lawyers, doctors, and other regulated professions, must be re-licensed in Canada.)
  • Network through your colleagues and friends
  • Create a Canadian-style resume and cover letter

It is a must that you complete your research in the specific job industry before immigrating to Canada, as it is not an easy process to get a job in Canada, and it is best if you stay prepared.