IRCC proposed 4 themes for CFP 2024 settlement services

IRCC proposed 4 themes for CFP 2024 settlement services

IRCC proposed 4 themes for CFP 2024 settlement services

IRCC proposed 4 themes for CFP 2024 settlement services as an initiative to offer high-standard services to new immigrants and refugees. The department seeks to introduce a Call for Proposals for settlement programs in 2024 to offer services for the next five years.

The funding application period commenced on November 14, 2023, and the closure will happen on January 31st, 2024. Applicants will possess the chance to apply for funding more than once. They could do this through application submission in the Grants and Contribution System.

CFP 2024 funding will begin on April 1, 2025, and projects might qualify for funding up to five years. However, this will end on March 31, 2030.

National Consultations that occurred in the initial part of 2023 comprised more than 1,300 partners and stakeholders. These even revealed the main areas that needed to be addressed.

The CFP 2024 priorities and parameters will enable the program to keep offering the right services at the appropriate time to the right clients.

Themes of the Settlement Program

The settlement program will undergo several improvements based on the following themes:

  • Enhanced level of consistency – Incorporate and execute a more consistent method for the national-level service delivery. Also, it is important to make sure that consumers with the maximum complications and obstacles are able to get the assistance they require.
  • Encourage and accelerate collaboration – Plan and spread information with other types of governments in order to show support for productive settlement program delivery.
  • Raise the number of community partners – Promoting the co-creation of programming with clients and enhancing the ability of volunteers to build community ties.
  • Program’s flexibility – Making sure that the program maintains flexibility concerning adjustments to the attributes and particular requirements of clients and regions. At the same time, identifying the significance of provinces and territories in co-partnering to help the settlement and integration of new immigrants.

IRCC proposed 4 themes for CFP 2024 settlement services

The Resettlement Assistance Program, the Francophone Integration Pathway, Equity (capacity building), and Service Delivery Improvement are the other four specific streams for which CFP 2024 will be accepting ideas.

By requesting ideas to expand the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) to four more regions of the nation, CFP 2024 will build on the program’s expansion, which has been in place since 2019. Additionally, it intends to guarantee that the RAP can more reliably assist clients who speak French. To guarantee a smooth transition for refugees who come to the RAP for assistance, a refugee pathway will also come into existence.

The criteria and conditions of the Settlement Program will be incorporated into the Francophone Integration Pathway. The two of the suggested methods are as follows:

  • Increasing the capacity of organizations that provide services to Francophone immigrants, and
  • Establishing a minimum financial goal for Francophone programming in each region.

Additionally, the CFP aims to increase the settlement sector’s ability to provide more equitable and inclusive services for diverse arrivals. Furthermore, it seeks to assist organizations not previously receiving financing under the Settlement and Resettlement programs. It will assist them with an annual grant of up to $25 million.
Last but not least, the CFP 2024 is a crucial step in maximizing the use of digital and hybrid service delivery. In addition, it will encourage the testing and study of novel ideas to enhance service delivery.

Canadian settlement services in a nutshell

Every year, Canada spends nearly $2 billion on settlement services in Canada. This also includes a settlement grant to Quebec. The chief objective of this funding is to enable immigrant-serving firms to generate programs and services assisting the settlement and incorporation of individuals fulfilling eligibility requirements.

Permanent residents, protected individuals, and a few temporary residents are able to access IRCC-funded services.

Settlement providers must show how they will assist newcomers in response to the IRCC’s CFP in order to be eligible for financing. The IRCC website lists approximately 1,300 locations across Canada where eligible newcomers can get IRCC-funded help at this time.

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