Invitations sent to 545 PNP candidates

Invitations sent to 545 PNP candidates

Invitations sent to 545 PNP candidates

All the qualifying candidates have already obtained a provincial nomination from any of the Canadian provinces and at least had a score of 753 CRS points.

The cut-off score was set comparatively higher because PNP candidates are provided with an additional 600 points directly added to their total score. Deducting these additional scores of 600 points would bring the score back to 153 CRS points.

The tie-breaking policy was applied for the applications submitted before 15th December, 20:32:57 UTC. This implies for candidates have the lowest eligible score but have submitted their Express Entry application before the mentioned date and time.

In the latest Express Entry draw, a total of 829 candidates who have attained a minimum score of 772 CRS points belonging to the category of PNP offered the invitation.

FSWP, CEC will be open to receive applications from this July

The immigration minister of Canada declared to open the above categories for receiving applications from the early days of July. He had also assured the people to process the maximum number of applications of Express Entry within the ideal period of processing, that is 6 months.   

This major update holds a lot of importance as the applications for both the categories have been closed for receiving the invitations since last year. Whereas the IRCC is struggling to process applications within its ideal time. both the reasons constituted towards pausing the release of applications for these categories and further reducing the number of pending applications of Express Entry which have piled up because of COVID.

After the Canadian Government had imposed all these measures, there was a significant decline in the number of foreign skilled workers in the labor market. This had a direct effect on the workforce of the Canadian labor market in the phase where there is the highest number of active job vacancies.   

In the current times, the country is highly dependent on the Immigration process, and specifically on the Express Entry system. As it was the most prominent resort for letting the most skilled and talented immigrants enter the country.   

According to the statistics provided by the IRCC, the number of pending applications for the Express Entry category is 48,000 which is more than half of the total applications.   

Whereas the country witnessed an increase in the number of Canadian permanent residents by two times within the first four months of this year, in comparison with the number of Permanent residence applications processed in the last year during the same time.   

The country has a vision of welcoming more than one lakh of Express Entry immigrants in the coming 2 years.   


It is the virtual management system of the Canadian Government basically for three of its immigration programs that are CEC, FSWP, and FSTP.

The Express Entry evaluated its applicants through a Comprehensive Ranking System. Among all the applied candidates, the ones with the highest scores are rewarded with an ITA.

The applications undergo evaluation by an Immigration officer. The final decision depends on them, qualifying candidates are then asked to submit their fingerprints and documents credentials.

Such candidates will then be rewarded with a Confirmation of Permanent Residence. Once a candidate has received COPR, he/she can then proceed with the process of arriving in Canada.


It is an imaginary example of any candidate who has been invited by the IRCC

Yash is 40 years old and has been working as an Information system manager for the last decade. He has pursued his graduation in the same subject. He is proficient in his English skills and has never visited Canada either to study or to work but surely aims to move to Canada. He then applied for the Express Entry pool and his score was mentioned to be 350 CRS points.

She was interested in moving to the province of Alberta and received a provincial nomination from the same province. Now her score has reached 950 CRS points. The assures of getting an ITA for Canadian Permanent Residency.

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