Nowadays, it has become a little easier for candidates to prepare for their interviews, as most interviewers are likely to ask similar questions. 

 If you have planned to immigrate to Canada and applied for a job, there are chances that you will be interviewed over Skype or a telephone call. Being interviewed over a video call does not allow you the freedom to dress informally; you must dress professionally on a video call too. 

 Most importantly, you must complete your homework, that is, do all the research about the company before your interview to sound more confident.

Here are the top 10 questions that you can expect during your interview:

Q1: Tell me about yourself.

A: While you can start by telling about your life to set the tone right, but try to emphasize your skills, goals, and explain how this job opportunity aligns with your career path.

 Q2: Tell me about your greatest strength.

A: The answer to this question must revolve around the highlights of the job; that is, you must state how your skills perfectly match with the job specifications and how you can become their most significant resource.

 Q3: Tell me about your greatest weakness.

A: This question is one of the favorites among recruiters, as most applicants mess up here. So, you must always plan an answer to avoid last-minute hassles. The best way to answer this question is to mention a weakness that you are working on. For instance, you could not meet deadlines, but through proper management, you have improved that.

 Q4: What is the reason for the gap in your employment history?

A: There might be times when you struggled to find the right job for you, but you can always answer this question positively by saying that you used that duration to continue studying or developing a new hobby.

 Q5: How well do you manage pressure and stress?

A: Most people affect their performance due to pressure; however, your employers might be interested in knowing that how well do you handle pressure and stress. The best way to answer this question is to address a previous situation where you managed to handle the pressure. Always emphasize on how that stressful situation inspired you to grow as a person.

 Q6: What is the biggest challenge that you have had to face?

A: The interviewer asks this question to determine how you face challenges and what steps you apply to resolve them. The best way to answer this is by choosing a situation caused by someone else, and that hampered your work, explain to them the measures you took to resolve it and ensure to end it on a good note.

 Q7: What do you find most interesting about this job?

A: Align your answer with the job description. For example, if this job demands teamwork, and you may answer that the most exciting part is to work with a dynamic team.

 Q8: What do you consider as your most significant achievements until now?

A: To answer this question, pick one of your work-related achievements that boast about your skills. Try to be as specific as you can, ensure to add that how you were able to get positive outcomes for the company.

 Q9: Do you feel happy about your career?

A: Your answer to this question should be yes. The purpose behind asking this question is to find out about your aspirations in terms of your career, and other factors like confidence and self-esteem. You must be honest while answering and must know how to justify your statement when required.

 Q10: Can you specify the reason for switching your current job?

A: Do not speak badly about any of your previous employers or current employer. Bashing your current employer can create a wrong impression, so you must prefer answering this question by saying that you are looking for a more challenging opportunity and want to develop your skills.

 It does not matter that if you have a face-to-face interview, or over Skype or telephone, you must always polish your interview skills. You can surely impress your interviewer if you prepare correctly.