How to arrive in Canada with a criminal record

arrive in Canada with criminal record

How to arrive in Canada with a criminal record

Applicants fearing their criminal record can still travel to Canada.

Last year, travel restrictions did not apply to fully vaccinated tourists. Although they can follow all the Government’s definitions of being fully vaccinated.

Although applicants with a past criminal record can still enter the country through the following temporary immigration program

Temporary Resident Permit

This program can be a short-term solution for tourists with a criminal history. The applicant needs to convince the Government of Canada that their stay would not cause any harm to the country, instead, it would be beneficial for them.

This program is proven to be a good option for tourists coming to Canada temporarily as it is a faster immigration method than criminal rehabilitation. 

Criminal Rehabilitation

Applicants with a criminal background can choose the Criminal Rehabilitation pathway to resolve this issue permanently. The issue of criminal records can be permanently resolved if the application for Criminal Rehabilitation is approved by the Canadian Government.

An applicant can only apply for Criminal Rehabilitation if he/she has completed 5 years after the sentence of the crime committed.

The fee is also different for serious and non-serious crimes. The country charges $200 CAD for non-serious crimes whereas $1,000 has to be paid for committing a heinous crime. 

Deemed Rehabilitation

An applicant is considered to be deemed rehabilitated if he/she was convicted a decade before for committing a heinous crime. Applicants qualifying for these requirements, do not require to submit an application for the same.

However, people with criminal records prefer hiring a professional Canadian immigration lawyer who can assist them by offering a valid opinion letter. 

Legal opinion letter

An opinion letter includes all the important information regarding the crime like the charge imposed on the applicant and the lawyer’s explanation of the crime.  

The letter is an effort from the applicant’s side to justify his consideration as deemed admissible to the country. Although the legal opinion letter can be used by people who are trying to apply for the categories of Rehabilitation or TRP.  

The country seriously looks into matters of criminality. But following such measures can help in promoting tourism and the economy of the country. There was an incline in the Canadian economy by $15.4 billion in the last four months of last year through tourism. Therefore, the country puts a lot of effort into calling a greater number of tourists to its place. 

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