It is fundamental to have working conditions safe, sound, and healthy, as most people spend a significant portion of their lives working.

Canada has established the right to work in a safe and healthy environment for all workers. The legislation aims to ensure the safety of the employees against hazards in the workplace. Different provincial and territorial governments have their law; likewise, the federal government has its legislation.

Basic Right of the Worker: The right to refuse unsafe work

 This is one of the most radical rights of the workers to refuse work that can expose them or their co-workers to any danger. Such a refusal must be reported to the supervisor, who investigates the concern, or the employer.

What if a worker gets hurt at work?

Canadian Health and Safety Standards at the workplace

If a worker gets sick or injured at his job, then all provinces and territories allow worker’s compensation benefits to the sick/injured. In case of any injury or accident, the supervisor must be informed on a priority basis. Moreover, a healthcare professional such as a physician or any other concerned professional must be reached out to, and a claim must be filed with the worker’s compensation board.

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