With effect from January 1, 2015, the Federal Skilled Worker Program has become a part of the Express Entry Immigration system. This immigration program targets prospective immigrants who can meet the labour shortage in Canada. The selected candidates under the Express Entry pool will be eligible to settle as permanent residents in Canada.

 The Federal Skilled Worker Program was introduced to welcome skilled individuals to the country, who have the required qualifications and experience to fill in the job positions.

Candidates must meet the minimum visa requirements to be eligible to apply under this program. The applicants must meet the minimum score on a points-based assessment; they must also have relevant work experience in a managerial, skilled, or semi-skilled occupation. Successful applicants will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA), and they can obtain permanent resident status to live and work in Canada. 

 Canadian permanent residents can also apply for Canadian citizenship, as per their eligibility.

 For Skilled Workers

Skilled workers and professionals have a higher chance of gaining permanent residency in Canada, as their education and work experience will help them find a suitable job. Every year, many people retire in Canada, which is quickly raising the demand for skilled workers in the economy.

 Canada is one of the most vibrant countries with a diverse and multicultural population. Furthermore, the country has a booming employment sector, creating different job opportunities for skilled workers and professionals.

 Canada loves international talent, and the country is looking for young, skilled, well-educated professionals who can add value to its economy. The country prefers job-ready professionals who can quickly integrate into the economy and fulfill the job market’s dynamic requirements.

  The Canadian skilled worker visa is the best opportunity for skilled workers and professionals to live their Canadian dream.

 Odds of Employment

Canada’s immigration authority keeps introducing the required changes to the immigration process to make it hassle-free for the right candidates. The focus has moved to the skilled workers and professionals with adaptability and manageability skills to function with Canada’s dynamic work environment. Canada evaluates candidates based on multiple human capital attributes, including work experience, language proficiency, and other related skills.

 The unemployment rate is low in Canada. To get a job in the country, it allows the Express Entry system and other PNP linked Express Entry streams in New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. The nation also offers Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) in various provinces and the Federal Skilled Worker Program for candidates willing to live and work in Canada.

 Obtaining a work permit is easier for applicants who fulfill the Comprehensive Ranking System’s minimum requirements.

 High In-demand Professionals

Immigration to Canada is readily available for candidates with the right skill-set. Check the list of the most in-demand occupations in Canada:

  • Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Software, and Petroleum)
  • Teachers, Professors, and Lecturers
  • Technicians
  • IT
  • Nurses
  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Salesperson and Marketers
  • Bankers
  • Insurance Providers and Adjusters
  • Accountants
  • Trades Person

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Qualifying factors of the program

To be eligible under this program, candidates will be assessed on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Language Ability (English or French)
  • A valid job offer
  • Adaptability

 Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Canadian Permanent Resident visa under the Canadian Skilled Worker Program, an applicant must:

  • Have uninterrupted full-time or equivalent work experience for at least one year in the past ten years under a skilled occupation falling under NOC code 0, A, or B; or
  • Have arranged employment (a job offer from a Canadian employer) concerning the Labour Market Impact Assessment Criteria;
  • Have completed a two-year study program in Canada from a recognized institution; and
  • Score the minimum required score in the language ability exam for English or French.

 Expression of Interest

If an applicant meets the eligibility criteria, he must make an Expression of Interest and create an online profile for the same. The candidate has to provide details about age, skills, work experience, educational qualifications, language ability, and other information as needed in the profile. Suppose the candidate’s credentials are confirmed by the federal department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In that case, he/she will be placed in the Express Entry pool as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

 Why is it essential to boost your CRS score?

The department of IRCC holds regular draws to issue ITAs for Canadian permanent residency to the applicants with the highest CRS score. Thus, it is essential to improve your CRS score by updating your profile to improve your chances of getting an ITA.

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Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The IRCC issues the invitation to apply to those candidates who are nominated to obtain a permanent residence visa in Canada under the Express Entry system.

 Once the ITA is issued to an applicant, he or she has a duration of 60 days to submit the complete application with all the supporting documents. When an applicant submits his or her complete application, it is considered as acceptance for the invitation. 

 After complete documentation (uploading all required documents and completion of document checklist), an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) will be issued by IRCC to the candidate, and here the department will review all the documents to confirm candidate’s eligibility for the program.

 Medical Examination 

All applicants must go through the mandatory medical examination. This medical examination includes a standard physical exam, urine tests, blood tests, and X-rays. It is conducted to ensure that the candidate does not have any medical condition that may expose Canadian citizens to any risk.