Employers in Quebec can employ more temp resources

Employers in Quebec can employ more temp resources

There was a previous announcement that Quebec could employ more temp workers. The announcement was implemented on 10th Jan.

Now workplaces in the provinces can employ up to 20% of their staff as temp workers from overseas. Earlier, the allowed capacity was kept at 10%. The latest changes/measures are applicable for the below-mentioned sectors/businesses:

  • Plastic and Rubber Product Manufacturing;
  • Retail Trade excluding Food;
  • Accommodation and Food Services;
  • Health Care;
  • Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing;
  • Management, Administrative Support and other services of Companies and Enterprises;
  • Forestry and Logging;
  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing;
  • Wood Product Manufacturing.

The province is continually taking measures to stabilize the hiring process. The current measures are an aid in the series of changes that Quebec is taking to provide flexibility for Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) aspirants.

In December last year, the province exempted some specific low-skilled and unskilled occupations from the basic eligibility requirements of TFWP and all the advertising related to the same.

From 31st Aug ’21, the province allowed all the skilled workers (temporary) to apply under Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP). That allows individuals to determine who they desire to work for. They can work for their choice of job provider while they are applying for Canadian permanent residency (PR). 

There is going to be a new improvement in International Mobility Program (IMP). The enhanced version will be termed IMP+. That will initiate the exemption of around 7,000 work permit allocations. That will not be based on LMIA and will be given to overseas CSQ owners. The IMP+ is focused on speeding the landing of overseas workers, which will eventually help sustain the labour market needs.

These measures are a part of the pilot project, estimated to complete by 2024 end. This is focused on obtaining maximum temp workers for critical businesses with dire need of employees/skilled workers.

Quebec had the lowest unemployment rate as compared to the national average. The province was able to sustain the unemployment rate at 4.6%, whereas the whole country had an average of around 5.9% by the end of 2021.

Process of hiring temp workers from overseas in Quebec

The primary immigration process must be initiated and completed by the business-seeking employees. In most cases, a job offer is the first stage in the recruiting procedure.

For the prospective worker, the employer needs to obtain LMIA and a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). On the other hand, the worker has to take a work permit from the federal immigration department. Usually, a job offer, LMIA, and a contract is needed while requesting the permit.

Employment and Social Development Canada grants a document to allow an overseas employee to be employed in Canada under TFWP. The document is termed LMIA. A positive LMIA means that currently, the employer could not find a suitable worker for the current requirement locally (permanent residents/citizens). 

The border services grant the work permit once the worker has landed in the maple country. After getting the temporary permit, the individual can start working for the employer in Quebec.


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