CUAET extension for Ukrainian families by Canada

CUAET extension for Ukrainian families

CUAET extension for Ukrainian families by Canada

CUAET extension for Ukrainian families indicates Canada’s support for them. Sean Fraser recently declared that the Canadian government would proceed to extend the CUAET until July 15, 2023. Presently, those individuals with CUAET will be able to travel to Canada until March 31, 2024. Also, those in Canada will get the same timeframe to modify their temporary status, free of cost.

Additionally, Ukrainians and their family members will be able to benefit from the settlement services. These will include financial assistance for one time without any tax and gain urgent accommodation help for at least two weeks after they land in Canada.

CUAET extension for Ukrainian families

The Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel is a part of Canada’s response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. CUAET makes it possible for Ukrainians and their families belonging to different nationalities might be able to reside in Canada as temporary residents. However, the timeframe for their temporary stay will be up to three years.

Additionally, Ukrainians already residing in Canada also get to extend their temporary status, including their study or work permit, through the CUAET initiatives.

On March 16, 2023, nearly 943,730 Ukrainians went ahead and applied for CUAET, out of which around 616 429 could get the approvals. Moreover, only 190,970 landed in Canada.

Although CUAET qualifies as a visitor visa, Ukrainians can apply for an Open Work Permit free of cost. OWP will enable them to apply for any job under any employer of their choice.

Furthermore, IRCC prioritizes processing all CUAET applications as an added measure. The department has further waived the fee during their Biometrics submission.

As a final measure, the federal government provided the CUAET individuals with an advantage of $3,000 for each adult. This implies that they will gain a one-time non-taxable benefit. Also, each child under the age of 17 years will gain an extra $1,500. However, recent Ukrainian immigrants will not be receiving other settlement funding help except this benefit. This benefit to has an expiry date of June 24.

Ukrainians will also access support in the form of additional initiatives

Canadian provinces have also not been far behind when it comes to supporting the Ukraine nationals. For instance, Manitoba consistently showed its support by inviting Ukrainian candidates to apply for a Provincial Nomination. This can be an added advantage for those seeking permanent residence through Express Entry.

Also, Saskatchewan is on a similar track with the same provincial immigration stream. On the other hand, there’s Ontario that called off the health fee for new Ukrainian immigrants. Further, the province even increased support toward them without emergency housing. They could get this kind of support through Ukrainian community organizations and settlement service agencies. The accommodation support might come through temporary arrangements and host houses until long-term housing is found.

Numerous charitable organizations prevailing in Canada have also shown their support to help Ukrainian immigrants to come and reside in Canada. For instance, nearly 500 individuals landed in Canada through the 4Ukraine.ca. Besides this, it also claims to have curated nearly 1,000 CVs and provided financial aid of around $275,000.

The federal government advocates the act of recruiting Ukrainian nationals in Canada. Canadian employers who are adept with jobbank.ca can do so through the following steps:

  • Employer registration on Job Bank.
  • Introducing a new job position and keeping it in drafts.
  • Reach out to the Job Bank and incorporate the job position’s reference number to make your intention of recruiting Ukraine nationals more evident.