Most applicants do not prefer writing a cover letter and consider it as wastage of time. However, you must know that maximum employers disregard the applicants if they do not have a cover letter, making it an essential asset for job application.

To ensure that you get your dream job, here are a few simple tips to guide you while writing a cover letter.

About Cover letter 

A cover letter can be defined as a piece of content explaining the key skills of the applicant. While writing a cover letter, you can introduce yourself, mention why this job is right for you, and ensure to highlight your skills; wrap all of it up in less than a page. In a cover letter, you must present yourself in such a way that the employer feels enough urged to read through your resume.

1. Complete your homework

 Do your research about the company; the more you know about it, the better you can mold your cover letter. If you write the highlights of your cover letter around the company’s requirements, you can grab their attention.

2. Answer all of it

 Be attentive to the advertisement, follow instructions as mentioned, and answer all the questions that have been asked. For instance, if they have asked in the advert about the candidate’s salary expectations, you must mention yours while writing a cover letter.

3. Add value to your cover letter

This is your opportunity to offer more by adding highlights that you might have missed to mention in your resume. So, do not just re-write your resume while creating a cover letter, but try to figure out that what all can be added to make it more striking.

4. Personalize it

 If you have the details of the recruiter, then ensure to personalize the letter for him/her. Mention his/her name, title, and company to show that you are professional and attentive.

5. Customize it per the job

 Although this may look like a lengthy process, this is worth your time and effort. Outlining your cover letter distinctively for different job applications can bring you favorable results.

6. Presentation matters

 A professional layout can create a big difference. We suggest that you keep your font simple while writing a letter, choose between Times New Roman and Arial in font size 8.5.

7. Keep it simple

 Your letter should be easy to read and comprehend, and it is best to write a short paragraph for each topic you want to cover.

8. Make it precise

 You are not required to write pages and pages of a cover letter, you must keep it specific, highlighting your skills and attributes. This is an opportunity to promote yourself, do it the correct way, and in limited words.

9. Be professional

 Your cover letter serves as your first impression, and you want to present yourself appropriately. Thus, sound professional in your letter, so that the recruiter will want it to read further.

10. Proofread

 Read through your letter multiple times, check for spelling errors, and even ask someone else to go through it once before sending it out. The reason is, any mistake can leave a wrong impression on the recruiter, and they may not even take a look at your CV then. 

 Writing a cover letter improves your chances of impressing employers and getting your dream job in Canada.

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