Accepting different cultural beliefs encourages different cultures to thrive and grow together. Celebrating Multiculturalism in Canada can have many positive outcomes such as harmony between different races and ethnic groups. People live in a society where they get along with their neighbours. Multilateralism also discourages violence and hatred. Canadian society accepted multilateralism in 1971, recognizing the dignity and importance of all races and ethnic groups. 

Black History Month

The various achievements of Black Canadians and their contributions to Canada are celebrated during Black History Month. It is to celebrate how they have helped the Canadian society accept diverse culture, and highlighted the compassion making Canada the prosperous nation that it is today. 

Black Canadians have an integral role in shaping Canada’s identity as well as its heritage. The importance of African decent Canadians in the history of the country was not always recognized. Very few Canadian people know that African people were enslaved in Canada once, or of the events that led to the end of the horrible institution. 

Black History Month serves to make Canadians aware and recall the stories and important contributions made by Black Canadians towards the growth, prosperity and development of Canada. People also learn about the diverse Balck communities in Canada as well as their importance to the history and future of Canada. 

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp was liberated on January 27 in 1945. Many people were sent there to be executed in gas Chambers. This day came to be recognized at the annual International Day of Commemoration in 2005. This was done to commemorate the Holocaust Victims. Canadians and people all over the world take this day to honour the memories of the victims of the Holocaust. 

2015 was the remarkable year when the 70th anniversary was celebrated for the Auschwitz concentration camp liberation. This day was commemorated by remembering the Holocaust and the Holocaust history by government officials, religious leaders and Holocaust survivors together. 

Canadian Multiculturalism Day

This day is celebrated every year on June 27th, to celebrate the cultural diversity of Canada. Canada has a rich history, indigenous culture as well as respect among its people. This day serves to celebrate the various cultures that make up Canadian society as well as their contributions to the community. Here are some ways you can use to make the most of the Canadian Multiculturalism Day celebrations. 

  • Find a celebration near you. There are sources available online where you can find the biggest celebration closest to you. With so many fun activities and events happening all over the country, you do not want to miss out. 
  • Celebrating with your neighbours. As is typical in every Canadian society, you must have good relations with your neighbours, who themselves could have a different cultural background than yours. So what better way to celebrate this Canadian Multiculturalism Day than with your neighbours. You can either plan a block party or a party with the entire neighbourhood. This serves as an opportunity to learn about the different cultures and make lasting connections with your neighbours. 
  • Celebrate with your colleagues. You can plan a potluck or ask them to bring a dish that is native to their culture. 
  • Learn about Canada’s history. Invest some time in learning about it from its origins.
  • Choose Kindness. Practice kindness every day, make a commitment to it, to be kind to everyone irrelevant of their culture, race or gender. 

This day presents everyone with an opportunity to Celebrating Multiculturalism in Canada and diversity to commit to democracy, equality, mutual respect. This day is to show appreciation to various communities and cultural groups for their contributions to Canadian society. Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign was adapted for those communities which were Immigrate to Canada as well as Refugee communities. It helps us in understanding and noticing the signs of abuse in the past and helps us in responding to those in supportive ways, which further promote healthy relations and forge strong community bonds among everyone.