Is changing a Canadian study permit to a work permit possible?

Is changing a Canadian study permit to a work permit possible?

Is changing a Canadian study permit to a work permit possible?

International students while studying do switch to start work in Canada.  

The procedure involved in modifying a Canadian study permit to a work permit is dependent on the position of the applicant lies in its program. 

Working simultaneously while studying   

International students enrolled in a full-time study program at any educational institution in Canada can access work opportunities that can be either full-time or part-time. 

International students possessing a Canadian study permit are given the liberty to engage in jobs for 20 hours in 7 days while their institutes have offered breaks. 

A student possessing a study permit can engage in part-time work opportunities without applying for a work permit. 

Although, students are required to show valid permission on their study permit to work while they study.  

Any applicant who might be eligible to study in Canada but does not own verified permission on their study permit will not be allowed to engage in any work opportunities while studying. 

Few Canadian educational institutes ask their students to finish their internship or co-op. Taking part in internships contributes to the curriculum of the study program. 

Students who finish their internship or co-op qualify to engage in full-time work opportunities. 

Switching from a Canadian study permit to a work permit 

Students who have finished their study program at a DLI qualify to submit their applications for a Post-Graduation Work permit.  

This work permit is only offered for a maximum time period of 36 months to applicants who have successfully completed their studies from DLI Canada  

The advantage a post-graduation work permit offers is that it does not compel students to work in a specific industry or a specific employer.  

Once, the applicant has obtained an open work permit has the freedom to work in any Canadian province.  

Students are provided with a time frame of 3 months to apply for an open work permit. Although the Government of Canada has offered relaxation to study applicants to apply for PGWP even from abroad  

Switching to a work permit before completion of the study program.  

If the applicant decides to discontinue their study program and will apply for a work permit, he or she is required to take an LMIA assessment.  

It becomes necessary because a Canadian employer will support you in securing the application for a work permit through an LMIA. 

An LMIA states that the country is going through a lack of specialized workers in various industries.  

Applicants who possess an Open work permit have access to more work opportunities than those who own a close work permit. 

Although a PGWP is also categorized under an open work permit. 

Post-Graduation Work Permit loses its validity once the study program of the student discontinues studying. 

In such cases, the student is required to report to the IRCC stating that they are discontinuing to study in Canada. 

If the student immigrant does not own any status, he/she has to leave Canada.

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