The Canadian immigration system is one of the world’s most flexible, offering numerous immigration pathways to candidates for permanent residence. There are more than 100 diverse pathways to obtain a PR visa in Canada, but it is essential to apply from the one that suits your profile. 

The applicants who have skilled work experience in Canada have their best chance to obtain permanent residency in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class. Let’s explore more about this fast-track program!

About the Canadian Experience Class

 The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the three federal immigration programs under the Express Entry immigration system. The CEC is designed to enable applicants with Canadian work experience (obtained through a temporary work permit) to apply for permanent resident status in Canada.

The idea behind the program is that temporary foreign workers tend to be already settled in Canadian communities and societies through support networks. Furthermore, temporary foreign workers can easily adapt to the process while becoming permanent residents and, eventually, the nation’s citizens.

As the Canadian Experience Class is aligned under the Express Entry system; thus, successful applicants under this program will have faster processing times in Canadian immigration. To enter the Express Entry pool, candidates must first meet all the requirements specified under the Canadian Experience Class.

Requirements: Canadian Experience Class

There are multiple criteria that prospective candidates have to fulfill to be eligible under the Canadian Experience Class. Also, there is no education requirement under the program; however, educational qualifications can improve the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of the applicants in the Express Entry pool.

Note: CRS score is used to rank applicants in the Express Entry pool, and candidates with the highest CRS score are issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Below are the requirements under the Canadian Experience Class:

 1. Work Experience

Candidates must have skilled, Canadian work experience for at least one year. This work experience must be:
  •       Legally obtained in Canada
  •       For a full-time position or an equivalent time in a part-time position
  •       For jobs classified under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) levels 0, A, or B

 2. Education

CEC does not have any education requirement; however, candidates can improve their CRS score by:
  •       Securing a degree, diploma, or certificate from a designated secondary or tertiary school in Canada
  •       Completing a foreign credential
  •       Obtaining an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report confirms that the candidate’s previous educational qualifications are as per the Canadian standards.

 3. Language Ability

To demonstrate language ability in English or French, candidates must:
  •       Take an approved language test (For all four skills: Writing, reading, Listening, and Speaking)
  •       Secure a score equivalent to or above the required Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 for jobs under NOC levels 0 and A or CLB level 5 for jobs under NOC level B.

 4. Admissibility

Candidates must be legally permitted to enter Canada.

 Under this program, qualified candidates can settle in any province or territory in Canada as per their preference, except for Quebec. 

Note: Quebec is a French-speaking province, and it has its different immigration programs with distinct requirements and processes to nominate applicants.

 Moreover, the applicants under the Canadian Experience Class do not require to show their settlement funds, reducing the process of documentation. Thus, the applications under the Canadian Experience Class are generally processed within three to four months.

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Application Process under the Canadian Experience Class

 Step 1: Obtain Canadian work experience for at least one year

Candidates must have a minimum Canadian work experience of one year to apply under the program. Self-employment and work experience gained as a full-time student are not considered under the CEC. On the other hand, the work experience obtained through temporary visas such as the Working Holiday Visa is counted under the requirement.

 Step 2: Meet the minimum requirements under the CEC

Candidates must fulfill the minimum criteria, as mentioned above. A candidate has to take an approved language test, such as IELTS for English and TEF for French, to discover his/her Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score. Furthermore, we suggest that candidates must apply for an ECA too on a priority basis, as the process takes a while.

 Step 3: Create an Express Entry profile

As stated above, the pool of candidates under the Canadian Experience Class is managed by the Federal Express Entry system. Thus, candidates are required to create an online Express Entry profile to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class program.

The Express Entry profile of a candidate will be assessed on the basis of certain human capital factors, and a score out of 1200 points will be given to the profile. The various factors that are considered to evaluate the profile are age, language ability, work experience, education, and a few others. All the profiles are ranked against each other in the Express Entry pool based on the CRS scores.

The department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada conduct regular draws to issue ITAs for permanent residence to the candidates who score the highest ranks in the Express Entry pool.

 Step 4: Arrange required documents

After being invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence, candidates have to arrange all the required documents. A criminal record check and a medical certificate are on the list of the required documents. Candidates must submit an application for Canadian PR within 60 days of receiving an ITA with all the required documents.

 Step 5: Receiving confirmation of permanent residence

Candidates receive a confirmation of permanent residence document, once their application is approved. This confirmation document will act as proof of permanent residence when you land in Canada.

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