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Canadian Experience Class draws updates for 2021

The Canadian government has organized a new Express Entry draw aiming for the CEC candidates. Canadian immigration authorities had invited around 2,000 new immigrants through the Express Entry program on September 14 who were eligible to apply for permanent residence status in Canada. 

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has invited new applicants through the Canadian Experience Class, whose CRS score was 462. Now all these applicants have a time period of sixty days to complete and submit an application form for permanent resident status in Canada. 

The draw which was expected a bit early this year was postponed due to some unavoidable reasons. This time IRCC held a CEC draw which comes after the PNP draw means Provincial Nominee Program. It was Wednesday when the PNP draw was meant to be held. After this draw, another draw was to be held named CEC draw. This was scheduled to be held on Thursday. The expected date of the draw was 2nd September of the CEC draw which could not be scheduled. 

All Hands On Deck To Process CEC Applications 

The IRCC is delayed this year and the department has rescheduled it and has given priority to the CEC applications. The information is provided by the government webpage. The webpage further provides the information that the authorities and officers are finalizing the applications for the CEC applicants who applied in January. As this work is taking time further Express Entries can also be delayed.

The immigration target of 2021 is yet to be met and to meet the requirements of this year IRCC has taken the steps to take into consideration the applicants who are already staying in Canada. 

The Canadian Experience Class applicants are eligible only if they have one year of experience at the least while working in a skilled occupation. In the express entry pool, the experience should be Canadian full-time work experience. This is the main difference also that it attracts the most of the entries from Canada only. 

Express Entry Invitations See Increase In Number

In order to meet the target of 109,000 newcomers from all over the world, IRCC has increased the number of invitations to apply. It has almost doubled the number of invitees from the last few months. The Express Entry system thus sees growth in its invitees year over year. 

The required score and eligibility criteria have been changed timely because of the nature of CEC and PNP draws. Sometimes CEC draws have introduced low score requirements because these drawers are targeting one particular group of candidates who have applied under this program. They have no need to compete with others as it happens in the Federal Skilled Worker Program. 

PNP applicants can get 600 points easily because of their provincial nomination, so PNP draws are always important in comparison to any other draw of the Express Entry program. The number of PNP draws are 740 to 760 since June 2021. 

What is Express Entry?

The Express Entry program is the most famous immigration program of the Canadian Government and the IRCC which is used for managing the application system.

Three categories come under this program: 

  1. The Canadian Experience Class
  2. The Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. The Federal Skilled Worker Program

The PNP applicants are already eligible for any one program given above to get entry in the Express Entry pool. If the applicant gets a nomination from any province of Canada after applying then the score will increase by 600 points automatically. 

The Express Entry program has a points-based system known as CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking System) which provides rank to the profiles of an applicant. The highest scoring applicant has been issued an Invitation to Apply ITA and the applicant can apply for permanent residency status in Canada. 

After applying for permanent residency an IRCC officer will assess the application and make a decision whether you are eligible to be a resident in Canada or not. They can ask for your documents and biometrics or can call you for an interview. 

If your application gets approval from IRCC officials then they will send you a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). Approved applicants can start their journey as permanent residents. 

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