The right qualification is essential to get your dream job in Canada, but this is not the only trait that Canadian employers are looking for. There are many other factors that candidates need to meet to impress a Canadian employer, as they want a candidate who is the best in terms of all aspects.

Canadian Employers Expect from Candidates

Right Qualifications in Canadian Employers

To grab the prospective employer’s attention during an interview, you will require a relevant qualification or skill set. Now, what is the right qualification? Well, this varies for different jobs depending upon the job description. Also, ensure to go through the job description carefully before applying for any job, so that you know if you have the relevant skill set to fulfill the job responsibilities.

Various types of skills that you may require for different jobs are:

Soft Skills

Soft skills can be referred to as your employability attributes; these are the skills in Canadian Employers that you will need to perform well at your job. Some examples of such skills include working in a team or efficiently handling pressure and stressful situations. During an interview, you must show your employer that you possess these skills, so it is better to stay prepared with a series of these personable abilities:

  • Communication
  • Optimistic attitude
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Adaptability
  • Interpersonal skills

Hard Skills

Hard skills can be referred to as technical skills that you must have to perform your job responsibilities. A few examples of such skills include:

  • Analyzing data
  • Measurement and calculation
  • Operating computer programs
  • Handling a machine
  • Speaking a language

Right Work Experience in Canadian Employers

Having relevant work experience in the field opens up a new road of opportunities for you. If you have worked in the same industry before and understand your work well, then relatively, you will have a higher number of available job options compared to a fresher.

Furthermore, if you are a foreign worker and have completed your education outside of Canada, you will have to obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from Canadian authorities. The ECA report confirms that your qualifications and experience comply with Canadian standards of education. Most industries will ask you to provide an ECA report first, even before your resume; thus, it is best to get one before the job application.