Canada's Citizenship Week - a celebration by IRCC

Canada's Citizenship Week

Canada’s Citizenship Week – a celebration by IRCC

Canada’s Citizenship Week began on May 22 and will end on May 28. Typically, IRCC celebrates this week on an annual basis and honors its new citizens. Sean Fraser recently announced the commencement of Citizenship Week and even discussed his travel plans to attend the Citizenship ceremonies in Halifax (Nova Scotia) and Vancouver in British Columbia.

Canada’s Citizenship Week

As a country, Canada is making room to receive several new Canadians as its citizens. Individuals who will accomplish this massive breakthrough will have the privilege of accessing the roles and rights of becoming Canadian citizens.

Everyone will have the pleasure to witness the unique Citizenship ceremonies occurring in Canada this week. The Halifax live stream will also be available onwards May 24. IRCC is busy putting its efforts into enhancing modern services and has taken several essential measures. These measures include virtual ceremonies of Citizenship, digital tests, and application trackers.

In 2022, Canada surpassed its Citizenship goals and wholeheartedly accepted nearly 346,000 citizens. Also, the country has already managed to receive 85,000 new Canadians in the initial three months this year.

Interestingly, Indians have contributed significantly, nearly 19 percent, in the share of new citizens. However, other citizens of countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, China, Iran, the US, Syria, the UK, and Nigeria contribute to 54 percent of the above figure.

Citizenship Ceremony

After accomplishing the Citizenship and interview, you will receive an invitation to witness the Citizenship ceremony. Furthermore, this ceremony will mark the final step of acquiring Canadian Citizenship, with citizens pledging the Oath of Citizenship. It indicates the responsibilities and rights that come along with Canadian Citizenship.

A Citizenship judge exists to administer the entire process during the ceremony.

Between the period April 2022 and March 2023, approximately 30,000 individuals undertook the Citizenship Oath every month. Moreover, the number of such people is higher than the pre-Covid numbers.

The Citizenship Week carries nearly a hundred pre-arranged ceremonies, intending to accept as many as 13,000 new Canadian citizens.

Canada’s Citizenship Week – what about Citizenship eligibility?

IRCC enables Canadian Permanent Residents to further apply for Canadian Citizenship. This also requires them to be physically present in Canada for three years, that is, 1095 days. These years must be within the first five years of the Canadian Citizenship application.

Overall, Canadian citizenship proves rather beneficial compared to Canadian Permanent Residence. This is also because, unlike Canadian PR, Canadian citizens don’t need to adhere to residency obligations.

Additionally, they shall be able to access Canadian passports, with the right to vote in elections- municipal, federal, and provincial.