Canada’s best Suburbs to live – A complete guide

Canada’s best Suburbs to live

Canada’s best Suburbs to live – A complete guide

Some of the most attractive and livable suburbs are located in Canada. Canadian suburbs offer something for everyone, from quaint small towns to bustling metropolises. Canada’s suburbs are known for their diverse cultures, excellent strong economy, and standard lifestyle. Canada’s suburbs have something for everyone, whether you want to live in a family-friendly neighborhood with excellent schools or a vibrant downtown with lots of employment opportunities. Natural beauty abounds in Canada’s suburbs, from lush green spaces to picturesque mountain ranges that provide a welcome respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. You can find suburbs on every coast of Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In this guide, we have discussed Canada’s best Suburbs to live in.

List of Canada’s best Suburbs to live

Chinook Park, Calgary

Some facts about it

  • Approximately 1,780 people live in Alberta.
  • The city has an overall livability rating of 84 out of 100.
  • It features a playground, walking/jogging trails, and picnic areas.

Chinook Park is a small community of fewer than 2,000 residents located in southwest Alberta and enjoys the wonderful weather brought by the warm Chinook winds. It’s a perfect neighborhood for hikers, bikers, and grillers who enjoy spending time by the lake. This park provides quick and easy access to downtown Calgary, as well as the majestic Rocky Mountains. Your home will cost roughly 15% more than the average in Calgary if you live in this wonderful area.

The Hydrostone, Halifax

Some facts about it

  • Province: Nova Scotia
  • Total population: 647
  • An 80/100 on the livability scale
  • Located in a vibrant European-style strip of shops, cafes, and restaurants, the Hydrostone Market is a major tourist attraction.

Known for its tree-lined boulevards, row houses from the 1920s, and artisan shops, this fairytale neighborhood is home to fewer than 1,000 people. Several streets run parallel to each other, with houses constructed from cinder blocks. Whether you are a young single professional or a couple looking for a home in Canada, The Hydrostone is a great choice for you. Located in Halifax’s main shopping area, Halifax’s main shopping area has a wealth of pubs, restaurants, and shops, which attracts people who enjoy a lively atmosphere and fantastic nightlife.

Inner Harbour, Kingston

Some facts about it

  • Province: Ontario
  • The population is 3,672
  • The score of 72/100 for livability
  • Located in a vibrant European-style strip of shops, cafes, and restaurants, the Hydrostone Market is a major tourist attraction.

Inner Harbour is popular with working-class families and students attending Kingston’s Queen’s University. Located along the Cataraqui River, Inner Harbour is roughly three hours away from Toronto. Artists thrive in Kingston, which has a thriving cultural scene that includes trendy restaurants, pubs, and a wide range of local music. It is a well-liked tourist destination because of its waterfront, museums, and historic stone structures. Compared to the provincial average, housing, and rental costs are astonishingly low at 40% less.

The Cathedral Village, Regina

Some facts about it

  • Province: Saskatchewan
  • The population is 8,091.
  • The score of 64/100 for livability.
  • This area got its name from the Holy Rosary Cathedral, which was built in the late 19th century.

It is largely a residential community with a variety of housing styles. Several commercial establishments are located on the village’s northern and eastern borders. However, all neighborhood activities occur on 13th Avenue. It’s home to neighborhood potlucks, artisan fairs, art festivals, stores, and murals that would look great on Instagram. A number of churches of many kinds, parks, and schools are nearby in one of Canada’s safest suburbs. Young professionals will be able to find affordable condos in the village, which has larger, older homes suitable for large families.

Snug Cove, Bowen Island

Some facts about it

  • Province: British Columbia
  • A population of 3,680 people
  • The livability score is 85 out of 100
  • Located on the Howe Sound Trail, the Saint Marks Summit offers picturesque views of the Gulf Islands.

A Calgary Herald article describes Bowen Island as like living in another time and place. Those looking for off-grid living in a Canadian suburb will find Snug Cove an ideal fit. It’s also where Netflix’s highly successful series Virgin River was filmed. Here are the boats that arrive and depart from Bowen Island, Vancouver. An extensive lake, dense forests, hiking paths, and mountains surround this region of the island, where the outdoors truly shines. Its main street also has artisanal shops and delectable baked goods reminiscent of a bygone era.

Most commonly asked questions when selecting a place to live in Canada

Does Canada have affordable housing?

Census figures show that Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto have one-third of the population of Canada. Because they offer more services and employment opportunities, these locations are popular. Nevertheless, high quality of life comes at a price. Most of these locations have higher living costs, particularly in terms of housing. It is also possible to buy or rent much more affordable property outside these large cities, such as Chinook Park in Calgary, The Hydrostone in Halifax, Inner Harbour in Kingston, etc.

Is there a job in my field that I will be able to find?

Canada’s main industries differ significantly from one another. A fisherman’s best chance will be to find employment in a marine province that has significant fishing businesses. Vancouver, Canada’s Silicon Valley, will be your best career choice if you’re a software developer. Take a few minutes to research the employment possibilities in the area before you make a decision.

What is the weather condition in Canada in the winter?

Although Canada’s winters are harsh, some parts are figuratively subarctic. If you are not comfortable with subfreezing temperatures, you may wish to consider relocating to a less harsh climate, like Victoria, Halifax, Hamilton, or St. Johns.

As shown below, these cities have the most pleasant winter weather. 

Name of the city   High °F  High °C 
Oshawa, Ontario  33  0.4 
Toronto, Ontario  33  0.6 
Abbotsford, British Columbia  45  7.2 
Kelowna, British Columbia  37  2.6 
St. Catharine’s, Ontario  34  1.1 
Hamilton, Ontario  33  0.4 
Windsor  34  0.9 
Vancouver, British Columbia  45  7.2 
Victoria, British Columbia  48  8.8 
Halifax, Nova Scotia  34  1.0 


With its larger houses and parks, is it family-friendly?

It is important to move to a community that is family-friendly if you have children. Among the factors to be considered is the availability of reasonably priced houses with two or more bedrooms and the number of schools, parks, and green areas nearby. Certain regions in Canada are riskier than others, despite Canada being a relatively safe country.

What amenities are available to keep me entertained?

It is so amazing to see the rural and northern towns of Canada in so many different ways. The cost of living is generally lower than in other areas, and they are often situated near expansive areas with spectacular natural surroundings. Are there any drawbacks? A significant distance separates them from amenities like large malls, restaurants, and recreational activities. Some people prefer the hustle and bustle of city life, while others find this way of life appealing.

Does the Great Outdoors have easy access?

If you enjoy the outdoors and enjoy hiking and running on weekends, you should look for a suburb in Canada that is reasonably close to one of the many wonderful national parks in the country. In Calgary, you can explore snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes, and abundant wildlife in Banff National Park.


Having the opportunity to live in a beautiful suburb in Canada is one of the many benefits of living there. A variety of lifestyles can be found here, from large cities like Toronto and Vancouver to smaller towns and cities like Kingston and Nanaimo. Due to the wide array of housing costs, features, and services available in suburbs, finding the ideal one is simple. Living in Canada offers a peaceful environment and an exciting urban lifestyle all at the same time.