Canada’s best places to live – What factors should be considered?

Canada’s best places to live

Canada’s best places to live – What factors should be considered?

When planning to relocate to Canada, it is important to consider several factors such as living costs, quality of life, education & job opportunities, healthcare facilities, etc. A particular area’s quality of life is influenced by each of these factors. Therefore, to determine Canada’s best places to live, individuals planning to move to Canada should carefully weigh all of these factors together.

The Canadian cities

It is the second-largest country on earth by land area, with almost 39 million people living there. A total of three territories and ten provinces make up the country. Major urban centers of the country can be found in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. Hundreds of services and activities are available in these cities, which are home to most Canadians.

The list of Canada’s provinces:

  • British Columbia 
  • Alberta 
  • Saskatchewan 
  • Yukon 
  • Quebec 
  • Ontario  
  • Prince Edward Island 
  • Nova Scotia 
  • Nunavut  
  • Manitoba 
  • Newfoundland & Labrador  
  • Northwest Territories  

Canada’s best places to live – Factors to consider at the time of selecting cities

There are various factors to be considered at the time of selecting Canada’s best cities to live in. Some important factors are given below:

Living Cost 

Choose a city you can afford to live in by considering its cost of living. Consider the area’s cost of living, groceries, and other living expenditures before making a decision.

Quality of life

Also, quality of life plays a significant role. Air quality, safety, and access to parks are some of the issues to consider.

Employment opportunities

Researching the employment landscape in each location and finding out what positions are available where you believe you’d like to live is crucial when searching for employment.


Choosing a city based on its educational options is critical if you want to improve your education.

Environment & Culture

If you’re interested in a place with many cultural activities and entertainment options, check out the cultural options each Canadian city has to offer.

Family-friendly amenities

Choosing a location where you plan to raise a family means taking into account the family-friendly amenities available.

Ranking of Canada’s most populated cities

The list of Canada’s most populated cities by ranking is given below:

  • The population of Toronto, Ontario is 6,202,225. 
  • Montreal, Quebec has a population of 2,004,265. 
  • Vancouver, British Columbia’s population is 662,248. 
  • Calgary, Alberta’s population is 1,306,784. 
  • The population of Ottawa, Ontario is 1,017,449. 
  • Edmonton, Alberta has a population of 1,010,899. 
  • Quebec City, Quebec’s population is 549,459. 
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba’s population is 749,607. 
  • Hamilton, Ontario has a population of 785,184. 
  • Kitchener, Ontario’s population is 575,847. 

Canada’s best place to live – The most beautiful cities 

Canada has many beautiful cities. Take a look at the places listed below if you’re looking for a place with breathtaking views and lots of outdoor activities. 

Vancouver, British Columbia 

Vancouver has stunning scenery surrounding it. A small peninsula lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Cypress, Mount Seymour, and Grouse Mountains. This allows you to swim in the morning, surf in the afternoon, and ski in the evening. 

Banff, Alberta 

Banff is a popular tourist destination situated within Banff National Park. Mountain ranges, forests, and turquoise glacial lakes abound in this breathtaking landscape that seems to go on forever. The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks and the town are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.   

Victoria, British Columbia 

Victoria is one of the most beautiful cities on the Pacific coast. On Vancouver Island, it is surrounded by the serene waters of the Salish Sea and the rain forests of the Coast Mountains. The city’s marine life is unique and you may be able to see some of its most beautiful historical structures. 

Calgary, Alberta 

Alberta’s Calgary is considered Canada’s most advanced city. You’ll find that everything modern is harmoniously merged with that pioneer appeal of western history. Toronto is home to many of the Great White North’s top national parks. 

Quebec City, Quebec 

Originally inhabited by the Algonquian people, this Quebec City has played a significant role in Canadian history. You will find cobblestone streets, revered landmarks, and architecture with a classical influence in this city if you decide to make it your home.   

Halifax, Nova Scotia 

The Atlantic Ocean sits in Halifax, Nova Scotia in eastern Canada. Since it has a maritime climate, it has long winters and short summers. The sea breeze is undoubtedly a plus here if you enjoy a cool breeze. With its magnificent surroundings and historical landmarks, it makes an ideal place to relocate. 

Ottawa, Ontario 

Located in Ontario’s southeast region, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. In addition to a sizable urban area, this city has a number of interesting communities and a beautiful natural environment. 

Canada’s best provinces for employment 

Canadians have the good fortune of having over 900,000 job vacancies available at the moment. Job opportunities are available at every skill level, so there are options for everyone. As these cities are home to a wide array of industries and employers, they are popular destinations for job seekers. 

The following Canadian provinces experienced an increase in employment in the December 2022 Labour Force Survey:

  • The number of jobs in Ontario increased by 42,000. 
  • 25,000 jobs have been added in Alberta. 
  • 17,000 new jobs were created in British Columbia. 
  • A total of 7,000 jobs have been added to Manitoba. 
  • Job growth of 4,200 in Newfoundland and Labrador. 
  • Saskatchewan reported a 2.9% increase in jobs. 

Quality of Life in Canada’s top cities

Ottawa consistently ranks among the best places in Canada to live in terms of quality of life. Because of the low crime rate, excellent healthcare, and abundance of parks and green spaces, it makes a wonderful place to live. 

Based on Numbeo’s quality of life index, here are Canadian cities with high quality of life scores. 

  • Is 176.4 population in Victoria, British Columbia 
  • The Calgary, Alberta population is 175.6. 
  • The population of Ottawa, Ontario is 174.8 
  • The Halifax, Nova Scotia population is 174.6 
  • The population of Quebec City, Quebec is 174.0 
  • 172.5 in Vancouver, British Columbia 

Best Canadian provinces for Entrepreneurs 

Creating new companies or purchasing existing ones is popular in Canada among entrepreneurs. A highly trained workforce, abundant natural resources, a thriving economy, and a multitude of paths open to immigrant entrepreneurs and investors make the nation an ideal place for aspiring entrepreneurs to develop. If you’re trying to start a business in Canada and are looking for the top cities, consider the following provinces. 


Tech-related companies thrive in Ontario’s business environment. Since you will be based in a booming economy, you will be able to access many companies’ incubators and accelerators. A great place for businesses in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. An advantage of setting up a business here is that top talent is available in a cost-effective area. Moreover, you will have access to international networks and markets because of the city’s official status.  

British Columbia 

Historically, British Columbia has been the center of technology in North America. Software engineers, programmers, and developers can find great talent in Vancouver. You will undoubtedly succeed as an entrepreneur in this province given the wealth of talent available, the competitive business environment, and the number of resources accessible for support. 


Because of its robust economy, this province offers fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business or purchase an existing one. Entrepreneurs and farmers can apply to the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program’s Entrepreneur and Farm Categories. 

Canada’s best places to live – Top cities for education  

Anyone seeking to continue their education in Toronto can benefit from the city’s abundance of universities and colleges. Montréal is also a favorite travel destination for students thanks to its abundance of educational institutions and vibrant student community. 

Looking for education opportunities in a city? Check out these cities:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia: University of British Columbia 
  • Edmonton, Alberta: University of Alberta 
  • Toronto, Ontario: the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University 
  • Montreal, Quebec: McGill University  
  • Calgary, Alberta: the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University 
  • Hamilton, Ontario: McMaster University 

Best provinces for families in Canada 

The healthcare system in Canada is universal, there is free education up to the high school level, there are vast open spaces, there is a low cost of living, and there is a high standard of living in Australia. Canada makes the ideal home environment for families. You should consider the following provinces if you’re looking for a family-friendly province. 


Ottawa is a fantastic choice for families due to the abundance of family-friendly amenities and activities it offers. Its high graduation rate and employment prospects make it one of the best places to live in the country. According to The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), if you’re qualified to buy a home, you can expect to make $52,600 a year and pay $816,720. 


Alberta is a desirable Canadian province for relocation. Calgary is highly rated as the ideal city for families with two universities – The University of Calgary and Mount Royal University – and a variety of other institutes of higher learning. Professionals in the commerce, finance, healthcare, and technology sectors can expect an average annual salary of $67,700. Homebuyers in Calgary can expect to pay about $596,400 for a property, on average, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. 


Manitoba is an ideal place for raising a family. You can choose from a wide selection of universities and schools. Peaceful surroundings. A graduate of this program will have the option to work in a variety of sectors, including business, education, healthcare, trade, and technology. They earn an average salary of $54,000 per year. A Numbeo survey ranked Brandon as the best place to live in the province. Home prices in this city average $272,000, according to CREA figures. 


There are several significant elements to take into account when choosing the best areas to live in Canada, including the cost of living, career prospects, availability of healthcare, public transit, safety, and quality of life. When choosing a place to live, it is crucial to carefully consider what is important to you and your family because various people may prioritize these elements differently. The areas in Canada with the highest quality of life that meet your needs and way of life are ultimately the finest places to call home.