Working Holiday Visa

Every year, the Canadian government agrees to a visa quota for countries holding a working holiday visa agreement with Canada. This visa enables candidates to live, work, and travel in Canada for a duration of 12 months.

Caregiver Visa

The Canadian Caregiver program enables applicants to work for a Canadian family as a caregiver for children, people with disabilities, and the elderly. This is one of the widely used immigration programs in Canada.

Canada loves to welcome foreign nationals across the world as tourists, students, and temporary workers. Over 30 million people visit this welcoming country every year to enjoy diverse opportunities. Based on the country of residence and reason for the visit, candidates are required to meet certain requirements to be eligible. In certain situations, if a candidate is willing to live in Canada for a specified duration, he or she may require a Temporary Resident Visa.

A Temporary Resident Visa is required for the below purposes:

  •       Study – To study in Canada, candidates require a study permit or a temporary resident visa.
  •       Work – Candidates require a temporary resident visa for most jobs in Canada (excluding few cases).
  •       Visit – Candidates who want to stay in Canada for a specific duration may require to apply for a temporary resident visa.

Below are the two kinds of temporary resident visa:

  •       Single entry visa
  •       Multiple entry visa

However, a temporary resident visa is valid for a specific time frame, and the candidate cannot use it after expiry whether it is a single-entry or multiple-entry visa.

Single Entry Temporary Visas

A candidate is authorized to enter Canada for just one time with a single-entry temporary visa.

An immigration officer ensures the candidate meets all the required criteria to enter Canada at the point of entry in Canada. The officer places a stamp in the candidate’s passport or issues an additional document to the passport, or both, to authorize his or her stay in Canada.

For candidates holding a passport without a stamp, document, or handwritten date, his or their temporary resident status will expire in six months from the day of arrival in Canada.

If a candidate leaves Canada during his or her authorized stay, he or she requires a new visitor visa to re-enter Canada. On the other hand, such candidates can travel to the United States or Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and return to Canada with no new visa, if:

  •       He or she returns to Canada within the initial authorized period, or
  •       He or she has a valid visit record, temporary resident permit, work permit, or study permit, and returns within the initial authorized period.

Multiple Entry Temporary Visas

A candidate can enter Canada multiple times within the validity period of the visa through a multiple-entry temporary visa.

The validity of multiple-entry temporary visas can last up to ten years or one month before the expiry date of passport or re-entry visa (anyone that is closer).

With the approval of multiple entry temporary visas, the candidate can enter and leave Canada multiple times during the validity of the visa. However, the candidate is required to arrive in Canada on or before the date of the expiration of the visa. Moreover, a candidate cannot get a multiple entry visa with a validity period over the expiry date of his or her passport. A candidate is suggested to renew his or her passport first, before applying for a visa, if his or her passport is going to expire soon.

Furthermore, if a candidate wants to travel to multiple countries or visit his or her country before returning to Canada, then he or she will require a multiple entry visa. Also, a multiple entry temporary visa is recommended when a candidate plans to visit Canada frequently.

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