Canada Intra-Company transfers

Canada Intra-Company transfers

The term Intra-company refers to the occurrence inside the company or the branches of the company that takes place between the branches and the employees. The Intra-company transfers to Canada are a popular path amongst the international workers who are looking forward to moving to Canada. If you’re working in a company that has a branch or a parent company, or even an affiliate in Canada, you’ll be eligible to secure a job in Canada and a work permit for Canada.  

 Applicants who have been approved with the Intra-company transfer program automatically get a work permit. The work experience that will be gained from the program can be used as a spring to get your permanent residency, as the work experience is admired under Canada’s points-based immigration system.  

 Family members who will be accompanying can also join a foreign worker in Canada, as a spouse or common-law partner under the intra-company transfer program and also be able to work with an open work permit.  

The employers who are hiring international staff to the country under the program are exempted from the requirement to obtain an LMIA. Consequently, the process can speed up, it could be less difficult, and more pocket-friendly compared to the LMIA course. Qualified intra-organization transferees give critical monetary advantage to Canada through the exchange of their abilities and mastery to the Canadian work market. Intra-organization transferees might be from any country. 

Categories of intra-company transfer:

To be eligible to work for a Canadian employer in Canada you need to qualify under the following categories: 

  • Executives- They are right under the angers and a vital part of the company. They only receive orders from people who are higher than them. 
  • Senior manager- The senior managers handle all the parts of the company and guide or manage the work of other employees.  
  • Workers with ‘specialized knowledge’- will demonstrate knowledge of the company’s product or service, or a high level of expertise in the company’s process or methods. 

 In order for a work permit to be issued the workers are transferring to the country, they must have a full-time job experience with a foreign company and come to Canada to work. There should be a qualifiable relation between the employer and the employee.  

Duration of the work permit:

The IRCC guarantees that the initial work permits that are granted under the Intra-Company Transfer program are typically for a duration of one year.  

  • The Canadian and foreign companies should have a qualifying relationship;
  • The new office has been occupied with the persistent arrangement of labor and products for as far back as year;
  • The staff has been hired under the requirements and guidelines of the company.

The transition 

The intra-company transferees are sometimes on a stronger path to becoming permanent residents. The PR can be a part of Canada and work.  

Ever since the launch of Canada’s Express Entry back in 2015, the system of economic immigration to Canada. The applicants looking to switch to PR can gain scores for their CRS without having to issue an LMIA, which makes it easier for the intra-company transferees to increase their chance at CRS scores. Increasing the chance for ITA.  

 You could also go through the transition through one of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). 

You might become a Canadian citizen naturally if you work in Canada as an intra-company transferee, this only happens once you get your PR.


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