Canada Immigration procedure for nurses in 2022

Canadian Immigration procedure for nurses

Canada Immigration procedure for nurses in 2022

The pandemic has resulted in the inadequacy of paramedic staff in the country. This problem can only be altered by inviting foreign nurses as permanent residents.

The shortage of nurses already existed before the pandemic. Since then, the Canadian Government has introduced provisions for inviting nurses to the country.

Canadian Provinces Investing In Healthcare Workers

  • The province of Ontario will allocate a total of $342 million funds for inviting thirteen thousand healthcare workers over the preceding 5 years.
  • The province of British Columbia has decided to allocate a total of $16,000 million funds to incur immigration expenses like the cost of application fees, English tests, etc. For 1500 eligible nurses coming to their province.
  • The province of Quebec has decided to allocate a total of $65 million funds to hire and train newcomer nurses who are natives of countries where French is regarded as the mother tongue.

 NOC Codes And Level Of Skill

Nursing is divided into two different NOC Codes that are NOC 3012 and NOC 3233. The former one is for Skill Level A professions which include registered nurses and psychiatric, whereas the latter one is for Skill Level B professions which include practical nurses with a valid license.

The importance of codes and skills levels lies in identifying the eligible immigration programs if a province has invited foreign workers from your profession, etc.


Express Entry Programs Available For Nurses

A nurse can choose to apply from the 2 categories of the Express Entry system. They can get the status of Permanent Resident either by choosing CEC, or FSWP category for immigration to Canada.

 Express Entry, is a virtual tool of the federal government of Canada for managing all the things related to the professional workers-related program.

This system evaluates an applicant on their number of years of work experience, their educational history, etc. And provides a score figure out of 1000 points.

Nevertheless, there has been a discontinuation in releasing the applications for CEC, and FSWP categories, but it will come to an end by the start of July.

The Eligibility Criteria For Fswp Category

Any applicant possessing 12 months of work experience attained in any skilled profession either in Canada or abroad in the previous time span of 10 years has the eligibility to apply for this category.

The candidate needs to achieve a minimum score of CLB 7 in either English proficiency level or French language. This score should be across all the 4 sections that are Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading.

The candidate also needs to achieve the least score of 67 out of 100 on the six-factor test. This is an evaluation test for immigration applicants to judge their English proficiency level and language proficiency.

The Eligibility Criteria For Cec Category

Any candidate with a work experience in a Canadian-based job in the time span of 3 years can apply for this category. The program prefers applicants with a job offer over the ones who do not possess a job offer. Although having a job offer is not one of the eligibility requirements.

Applicants who were engaged in NOC 0 or A Skill profession and applying for the CEC category need to achieve a minimum score of CLB 7

Whereas applicants who were engaged in NOC skill B professions and applying for this category need to achieve a minimum score of CLB 5.


The Canadian Government has given the liberty to select skilled immigrants for its provinces. And the final decision of granting the Canadian Permanent Residency lies in the hands of the federal government of Canada.

Canadian provinces can either conduct specific draws for inviting newcomer nurses, or they can also conduct draws for other skilled trades.

Several Canadian provinces conduct PNP draws for inviting nurses. Following is the list of Canadian provinces releasing applications for nurses.

  • The province of Ontario has released applications for nurses through Human Capital Priorities Stream.
  • The province of British Columbia invites nurses through a specially designed category of healthcare professionals.
  • The province of Saskatchewan reaches out to eligible immigrant nurses through the International Health Worker EOI pool.
  • The province of New Brunswick invites English and French-speaking nurses from all around the world through its program called Internationally Educated Nurses.
  • Labor Market Priorities Stream is the immigration program of Nova Scotia to call eligible nurses. 

The Province Of Quebec

The only Canadian province which cannot conduct its separate PNP as well as Express Entry draw. Although this province releases its applications for eligible nurses through 2 programs like Quebec Experience Program and Regular Skilled Workers Program.

The basic requirement for both the above programs is to have language proficiency in the French language.


The country is going through a high demand for nurses’ covid. This extreme need for nurses has been caused by COVID and the major proportion of the Canadian population moving towards growing old. Almost all the Canadian provinces release their applications for inviting nurses as Permanent Residents.

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