Festivals a country celebrates tells a lot about it. Festivals are a celebration of a cause or an event, and when you are moving to Canada, you should know about the important festivals of the country, those that you should just not miss. We have compiled for you a list of festivals that you must check out when in Canada festival as well as the cultural destinations of the country of the Maple Leaf.  

Festivals of Canada

Toronto International Film Festival 

This film festival is celebrated in the month of September in Toronto, Ontario. In this festival, international, Hollywood, as well as Canadian movies, are launched. The International Film Festival held in Toronto is the second most celebrated after the well-known Cannes. Every year, nearly 500,000 film lovers from 64 countries are attracted to this Canada festival with 37 screens and 350 movies. The festival takes place in the venues located in downtown Toronto. 


The Winterlude Festival takes place every year in early February in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. It lasts for three weeks and is a tourist attraction in Canada. The Canada festival is to celebrate the winter season. You can take part in outdoor winter activities such as ice skating and ice skating displays, musicals, ice sculpture making competitions, play areas for children, ice playgrounds, ice lounges. Many off-site activities are also hosted. 

 Calgary Exhibition & Stampede 

This 10-day agriculture fair happens in mid-July in Calgary, Alberta. This Canada festival gives the message of preservation and promotion of western values and heritage. It is generally known as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. This rodeo is attended annually by at least 2 million people, tourists and visitors. It is said to be one of the largest events on the calendar of Canada. 

 Edmonton Folk Music Festival

This folk music festival takes place in August in Edmonton, Alberta. This outdoor event takes place over 4 days every year. Those attending the festival are served with traditional as well as contemporary folk music forms. Workshops are held, jam sessions and concerts also take place in Celtic, country, blues, gospel, soul and world music forms. 

 Quebec Winter Carnival

This carnival stretches from the end of January to mid-February and is held in the province of Quebec. This carnival has been held for the last 56 years. It is the world’s biggest festival celebrating winter and takes place over 17 days. It is a family fest with over 300 shows and activities to engage the attendees including an ice palace, magical night parades, 400-foot long ice slide. There is also a day parade along with outdoor stages with dance and music concerts every night of Friday and Saturday. 

 Just for Laughs

This is the world’s biggest comedy event. It is held every year, for the last 30 years, in June in Montreal, Quebec. On average, about 2 million people are in attendance. They meet to celebrate comedy through gala performances, theatricals, club performances, comedic movies, open-air theatres and television specials. It is a treat to the audience to watch international comedians competing with each other or putting up shows. Many performances done during this festival have made an appearance on national as well as international television.  

 Celebration of Light

This two weeks firework show is held in July in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is attended by over 1.6 million people, they come to watch the fireworks reach the night skies on 4 days, Wednesday and Saturday of two-weeks in this summer festival. The firework show competition is between teams from different countries. 

 Celtic Colours International Festival

This series of community events take place in mid-October in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Over 250 community events are held during this festival. This festival celebrates the folk music and cultural heritage of the Celtic people. 

 Folklorama Festival

This is a multi-culture festival held in early August in Winnipeg, Manitoba. There are more than 44 cultural pavilions that are used by guests and attendees of the festival to sample ethnic food, meet volunteers who are traditionally dressed, enjoy bright cultural events and interactive entertainment. This festival is to spread awareness among people about the cultures and countries of the globe. Folklorama is visited by at least half a million people every year. 

Montreal Jazz Festival

This festival is an attraction to jazz lovers and musicians, it is the largest jazz festival across the globe. The festival also has a Guinness Book world record to boast. This jazz festival stretches over 10 days. More than 20 stages are put up for performers and musicians to showcase their talents from around the world to an international audience. Hundreds of concerts are conducted during this festival held in either June or July in the city of Montreal. 

The Ex

This is an art festival in Canada. It is the National Exhibition of the nation, Canada. This festival is 18 days long and promotes agriculture, technology and diversity in Canada. This festival should be attended with family in August every year. The festival is held at Lake Ontario and culminates on Labor Day. 

Pride Toronto

This is a carnival to celebrate the freedom and diversity of the LGBT community in Canada as well as the entire world. This festival actually began as a form of protest in 1981 but since then, it is held every year in June in Toronto. 


This festival is symbolic of Canada’s multiculturalism and a celebration of the diverse people of Canada and their secularity. It showcases the different origins, cuisines, cultures and art forms, music styles and folk dances of the various ethnicities of Canada. This carnival is celebrated in August every year. 


This festival takes place every year in July in Edmonton, Alberta and stretches over a period of 10 days. This celebration of music also offers the attendees a sense of adventure paired with great food. This festival began in 1879 and is becoming more popular by the year. The Klondike Days celebrates the rich culture of the city of Edmonton. 

Canada Day Celebrations

Canada Day, 1st of July every year, is similar to the 4th of July of the United States of America. Tourists can see the local people as well as the streets decorated in the national colours of red and white. The festival pairs amazing firework showcases with delicious beer. The festival is celebrated throughout the nation but best to celebrate it in Ottawa. 

Cultural Destinations of Canada

Canada and its people are proud of their rich cultural wealth and destinations. To help you celebrate and fitness the best of Canada’s culture, we have listed below the top cultural destinations of Canada. 

Montréal in Quebec

Montreal is well known for its cultural influence of the English, French as well as First Nations artists who lived and are currently living in this city. You must visit the Place des Arts, a cultural destination for fine arts. It showcases 6 theatres and open-air venues for ballet, opera, play and concerts. 

For unique sights, check out the atmospheric Ateliers Grover. It was previously a knitwear factory. Now, it has a collection of art studios. You can also take a walk on the Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rue Saint Dominique to witness Montréal’s breathtaking street art.

Winnipeg in Manitoba

This city boasts of many cultural landscapes. Its main attractions are the ‘Friday Art Nights’. During these, art venues open up to showcase new exhibitions. If you wish to see First Nations artists, visit Urban Shamen. It is a centre of multimedia, sculptures, photography skills and performing arts that is run by the artists themselves. There is also the Graffiti Gallery and Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art. 

Ottawa in Ontario

This city has an extraordinary number of festivals, from celebrating music and its diversity to the celebration of the winter festival, Winterlude. The Folk Music Festival, the RBC Bluesfest as well as the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival and the Escapade Music Festival are the main attractions for music lovers. 

If you are in Ottawa at the rare time when there is not a festival in full celebration, visit the National Arts Center that houses the NAC Orchestra. You must also visit theatres like The Gladstone, as well as the Ottawa Little Theatre and the Absolute Comedy Ottawa that have programs almost every day. 

Toronto in Ontario

This city is a mix of everything. Movies, fine arts, theatre, street art, music and literature. Explore the network of streets in Queen Street and Spadina Avenue. This area is known as the Graffiti Alley. It showcases colourful street art. 

On every first Thursday of the month, there is an art party at the Art Gallery of Ontario famously called AGO First Thursdays. This brings local and international artists together who showcase their work, be it music or art. 

Québec City in Québec

Quebec City was named the world’s head City of Culture in 2016. When here, you must visit the French museum, the Musée de l’Amérique francophone, a dedication to the impact made by the diverse population of the city. Ensure to buy tickets for the Cirque Du Soleil latest production. It is an internationally admired circus of performing arts