British Columbia's latest draws sent out 232 invites for PNP applicants

British Columbia’s latest draws sent out 232 invites for PNP applicants

British Columbia conducted new draws on 11th Jan. Overall; the province was able to send out 232 invites under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It conducted two draws on 11th through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) and sent invites to applicants from the Skills Immigration (SI) and Express Entry BC (EEBC) programs.

The invites were sent to Skilled Worker, International Graduate as well as Entry Level and Semi-Skilled sub-categories of SI and EEBC streams.

Out of the total 232, 201 were sent under the regular draw method. Depending on the program eligibility, whoever scored 78-110, they were invited. 

Another 31 invites were sent to those whose profession comes under NOC 0621 (retail and wholesale trade managers) or NOC 0631 (restaurant and foodservice managers). The threshold was kept at 110 for them.

British Columbia has been holding distinct invitation rounds two times a month as the line of its PNP program since Feb last year. Because of the large applicants from specific labour market segments who have enrolled in the region’s Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS), these drawings are being held for them.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The program is designed specifically to attract international workers who will fulfill the labour market shortage. Also, they should be willing to become Canadian permanent residents (PR).

The BC PNP has two primary streams: 

Skills Immigration and 

Express Entry.

The primary streams also have their sub-categories, and all of this is handled under SIRS. So in if you are aspiring to shift to BC and you think you are eligible so first of all, register and update your demographic details. Afterward, every applicant will be given numbers based on their details. 

Applicants who have the highest scores will be asked to apply for a nomination from the BC province. After the nomination, they will be invited to request for PR when BC conducts a regular draw.

The BC’s online platform for PNP gives 30 days to complete the application after getting the invite. After you are done submitting all the required details for your application, and as per their demand, you will hear from the provincial immigration department in approximately 90 days. Once you get the nomination, you can opt for federal streams that come under PNP. 

The nomination from British Columbia has a validity of 180 days. As a nominee from BC, you will be entitled to 600 points in your score, which will eventually help you get an invite for PR sooner.

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