The Canadian province of British Columbia has been one of the most popular tourist spots. Life in British Columbia offers a chance to visitors to explore the wilderness, and it is among the most beautiful provinces in North America. 

British Columbia is outlined by the Pacific coastline and mountain ranges. The province is spread across 944, 735 km2 of area, with nearly 27,200 km of rugged coastline and numerous islands. Moreover, the three-fourth portion of the province is mountainous and untraversable.

The province has a population of more than 4.5 million, and the two most populated cities in the province include its capital city, Victoria and Vancouver. On the other hand, two-thirds of the province is undeveloped and underpopulated.

Along with varied geography, the province also demonstrates diverse climatic conditions. Visitors can explore rainforests along the coast, freezing winters further north, and mild weather conditions as they move the inland.

Cost of Living in British Columbia

Cost of living in British Columbia

The living expenses in British Columbia differ depending upon the region as if it is a rural area or one of the major cities of the province. British Columbia has the highest cost of living among all the provinces and territories in Canada. However, the extraordinary healthcare cover offered by the provincial government and fascinating schools makes the province a worthy choice. 

The average housing cost in the province of British Columbia is $632,000.


British Columbia has emerged as a prime destination for the film industry. The extensive undeveloped land, free from roads, fences, and any other modern infrastructure, makes the province perfect for filming shots. The province of British Columbia secures the position of the third-largest film industry (after Hollywood and New York) in North America, also known as Hollywood North.

Moreover, the province has abundant natural resources, resulting in the growth of fishing, agriculture, and mining industries. British Columbia sports a strong, stable, and growing economy, creating numerous employment opportunities for thousands of people in different fields, including construction, education, and manufacturing industries.

Demographics of British Columbia

Demographics of British Columbia

A large portion of the population of British Columbia belongs to English, Scottish, and Irish descent; however, English is the official language of the province.

Nearly 4.8% of the province’s population is constituted of aboriginal people. Moreover, British Columbia is the Canadian province with the highest percentage of minorities. Adding to the unusual, British Columbia is also on the list of those few places, where the maximum population is not affiliated with a religion (atheist, agnostic, or undecided); out of those who admit to religious affiliation, almost 45% are Protestants, while 18% are Catholics.

Nearly half of the province’s population has made Vancouver or Vancouver Island their homes. On the other hand, the mainland of the province is underpopulated, mostly covered by the aboriginal population. Also, there are many different ethnic groups in the province from all over the world, who arrived in Canada to meet labor market shortages.

Education in British Columbia

British Columbia is proficient in different sectors; however, the province is dedicated to offering quality education. The province is home to many research-based universities that insist on creating world-class education opportunities and providing extraordinary learning solutions to students. 

As of now, the province has 25 publicly-funded post-secondary education institutions, these include:

  • 11 Colleges,
  • 7 Teaching universities,
  • 4 Research universities,
  • 3 Provincial schools, and
  • 1 Aboriginal college.

Attractions in British Columbia

attractions in british columbia

The province boasts many museums, theatres, and exhibitions; out of these, the majority are in Vancouver. However, British Columbia is more popular for its outdoor experience. The province of British Columbia is on the list of those few frontiers that actually let visitors discover the wilds of North America. The province has many lakes and rivers, which are reachable only by bush pilots (small aircrafts flown by pilots to access rugged terrain). Major outdoor activities in the province are camping, hiking, hunting, and viewing wildlife.

The rich culture of the province, plentifulness of resources, growing communities, strong education system, and beauty of the province, all these factors enable the province to generate many work opportunities for thousands of people. Undoubtedly, British Columbia offers promising opportunities to newcomers and immigrants.

British Columbia Nominee Program (BCNP)

The province of British Columbia targets skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and graduates for permanent resident status so that they can contribute to the economic growth of the province. 

The province has three main categories to invite new immigrants:

  • Express Entry British Columbia
  • Business Immigration
  • Skills Immigration

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