Being the westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia is bound by the United States. This Canadian province is home to the “Silicon Valley” of the country, Vancouver, which is popular for technology and innovation. British Columbia is very popular among new immigrants for its high standard of living, competitive wages, and low crime rate. Moreover, the province has a diverse and multicultural population, with almost 27% of its total population account for immigrants.

The province boasts many attractions, including Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, and Whistler Ski Resort, with a lot of exciting and fun things to do. Furthermore, the province is home to Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, which rank among the Top 20 Universities in the country, and both are preferred by international students. British Columbia also creates and offers numerous low and high-skilled job opportunities for foreign workers who are willing to live and work in Canada and want to apply for immigration through the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP).

Are you willing to work and live in this ethnically and linguistically diverse province? It is best to start with researching the in-demand jobs in the province. If you obtain an in-demand job offer, you will secure higher possibilities of being invited to apply for permanent residency in the province. However, before discussing the in-demand jobs, we suggest you learn more about the framework of the BC PNP so that you can determine your eligibility.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP): Framework

The BC PNP serves as an immigration pathway for foreign nationals who want to obtain permanent residency in the province. Under the BC PNP, there are four immigration streams through which candidates can receive a Provincial Nomination if they have an in-demand job. There are numerous in-demand occupations in the province, including tech workers, healthcare professionals, food processors, truck drivers, and other low-skilled jobs. Check the below immigration streams under this program:

  •       Entry-level and Semi-skilled Category
  •       Healthcare Professional Category
  •       Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker
  •       British Columbia Tech Pilot

Entry-level and Semi-skilled Category

Applicants under this category include semi-skilled foreign workers with in-demand jobs in diverse industries, including tourism, food processing, long-haul trucking, hospitality, and many other low-skill industries. Candidates must have a valid full-time offer of employment from a British Columbian employer to be eligible to apply under this category.

Check the below list of in-demand occupations under this category with their NOC codes:

 1. Health occupations

Patient service associated, nurse aides, and orderlies
Dental assistants
Health services – other supporting occupations

2. Occupations in Finance, Business, and Administration

Accounting and other clerks
Messengers, Couriers, and door-to-door
General office support workers
Desktop publishing operators and other occupations
Court clerks
Insurance, Banking, and other financial clerks
Workers – Inventory and Purchasing control
Letter carriers
Data entry clerks
Library clerks and assistants
Payroll administrators
Personnel clerks
Postal, Mail, and related workers
Production logistics co-ordinators
Publication, Correspondence, and regulatory clerks
Shippers and receivers
Statistical clerks and Survey interviewers
Storekeepers and parts persons
Transportation crew and route schedulers

3. Occupations related to Education, Government Service, Religion, and Social Science

Officers – Correctional service
Housekeepers, home support workers, and other occupations
Teacher assistants – Elementary and secondary school
Bailiffs and Sheriffs
Providers for home child care
Regulatory and by law enforcement officers

 4. Occupations related to Agriculture and Natural resources

Marine harvest and Aquaculture labourers
Chain skidder and saw operators
Fishing vessel deckhands
Harvesting labourers
Service and support workers for underground mine
Trappers and hunters
Mine labourers
Greenhouse and Nursery workers
Grounds maintenance and landscaping labourers
Labourers – forestry and logging
Forestry and Silviculture workers
Oil and gas servicing, drilling, and related labourers
Service operators, Gas and oil well drilling and related workers
General farmworkers

5. Occupations related to Trades, Equipment and Transport operators

Air transport ramp attendants
Cable ferry and Boat operators and other occupations
Construction trades labourers and helpers
Courier and Delivery service drivers
Heavy equipment operators (excluding crane)
Limousine and Taxi drivers and chauffeurs
Motor transport and Railway labourers
Other automotive mechanical servicers and installers
Other trades labourers and helpers
Public works and maintenance labourers
Operators for public works maintenance equipment and other assisting workers
Workers for Railway track and yard maintenance
Transit operators, Subway operators, and Bus drivers
Transport truck drivers
Water engine room and transport deck crew

6. Occupations related to Utilities, Manufacturing, and Processing

Operators for binding and finishing machine
Boat inspectors and assemblers
Processing and utilities related to Chemical products – Labourers
Electrical apparatus manufacturing, Machine operators, and inspectors
Electrical appliance, apparatus, and equipment manufacturing – Assemblers and inspectors
Electronics assemblers, testers, fabricators, and inspectors
Fabric, leather, and fur cutters
Beverage and Food processing – Graders and testers
Beverage and Food processing – Labourers
Aircraft assembly inspectors and Aircraft assemblers
Foundry workers
Inspectors and assemblers for Furniture and fixture
Furniture finishers
Operators for Glass forming and finishing machine, Glass cutters
Industrial poultry preparers, meat cutters and butchers, and related workers
Industrial metal finishing process operators, coaters, and painters
Industrial electrical motors and transformers – Assemblers, Fabricators, and inspectors
Operators for Industrial sewing machine
Wood processing and Lumber graders – graders and inspectors
Mechanical inspectors and assemblers
Metal and mineral processing – Labourers
Metal and mineral processing – Machine operators
Metal fabrication – Labourers
Motor vehicle testers, inspectors, and assemblers
Other labourers in Utilities, manufacturing, and processing
Other products finishers, inspectors, and assemblers
Operators for other wood processing machine
Other wood products – Inspectors and assemblers
Operators for Paper converting machine
Photographic and film processors
Labourers for manufacturing Plastic and rubber products
Plastic products assemblers, inspectors, and finishers
Plateless printing equipment operators
Platemaking, Camera, and other prepress occupations
Processing food and beverage – Process control and machine operators
Seafood and Fish plant workers
Seafood and fish processing – Labourers
Stone, concrete, and clay forming operators
Operators and workers – Hide and pelt, Textile fibre and yarn processing machine
Textile processing – Labourers
Textile, fabric, leather, and fur products manufacturing – Inspectors and graders
Fabric making occupations, knitters, and weavers
Wood, pulp, and paper processing – Labourers
Operators for Woodworking machine

7. Sales and Service Occupations

Travel, Accommodation, and facilities set-up services – Assisting occupations
Airline service and Airline ticket agents
Animal care workers and Pet groomers
Building superintendents, Caretakers, and Janitors
Casino occupations
Customer services representatives for financial institutions
Electrologists, Estheticians, and related occupations
Food and beverage servers
Clerks for hotel front desk
Laundry, Dry cleaning, and related occupations
Light duty cleaners
Personal service – Other occupations
Other sales-related occupations
Wholesale trade (non-technical) – Account and sales representatives
Guides for outdoor sport and recreation
Flight attendants and Pursers
Retail salespersons
Security guards and other occupations related to security service
Service station attendants
Social, image, and other personal consultants
Specialized cleaners
Recreation, sport, and amusement – Attendants and operators
Store shelf clerks, stockers, and order fillers
Travel and tour guides
Travel counselors
Other service support occupations, n.e.c.

Healthcare Professional Category

Applicants under this category include healthcare professionals, including nurses, clinical pharmacists, and physicians. Candidates are required to have the support or a valid full-time job offer from a public health authority in the province and a minimum of two years of related work experience to be eligible to apply under this category.

Check the below list of in-demand jobs in this category with their NOC codes:

Clinical pharmacist
Physician and Specialist Physician
Medical laboratory technologist
Nurse Practitioner
Diagnostic medical sonographer
Occupational therapist
Medical radiation technologist
Registered Nurse and Psychiatric Nurse

Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker

This stream offers a quick pathway to skilled foreign workers to Canadian immigration. To qualify under this stream, candidates are required to submit an Express Entry profile, obtain a valid full-time job offer, and have a minimum relevant work experience for two years in skill type 0, A, and B.

The in-demand occupations under this stream are broad and are further classified under three skill types: Jobs in Management (O), Professional Jobs (A), and Skilled Trades or Technical Jobs (B).

Below is the list of examples of a few eligible occupations with their skill type and NOC codes:

Skill Type O Financial managers
Skill Type A Registered psychiatric nurses and registered nurses
Skill Type B Plumber

British Columbia Tech Pilot

Being the nation’s tech capital, British Columbia invites innovative and educated skilled workers to Canada. To apply under the British Columbia Tech Pilot, candidates must have a valid employment offer for a minimum duration of one year from a British Columbian employer.

There are 29 in-demand jobs under this pilot; check the below list to explore these occupations with their NOC codes:

 1. Applied and Natural Sciences and related occupations

Chemical engineers
Computer engineers (excluding software designers and engineers)
Computer network technicians
Interactive media developers and Computer programmers
Data administrators and Database analysts
Technicians for Electronic service (Business and household equipment)
Electronics and Electrical engineers
Technologists and technicians – Electrical and electronics engineering
Biological Technicians and technologists
Industrial instrument mechanics and technicians
Analysts and consultants – Information systems
Information systems testing technicians
Software designers and engineers
Technicians for User support
Web developers and designers
Mechanical engineers

2. Occupations related to Recreation, Sport, Culture, and Art

Writers and authors
Interpreters, terminologists, and translators
Broadcast technicians
Video and audio recording technicians
The performing arts, Motion pictures, and broadcasting – Other technical and assisting occupations
The performing arts, Motion pictures, photography, and broadcasting – Support occupations
Graphic illustrators and designers

3. Managerial occupations

Information systems and Computer managers
Managers – The performing arts, Motion pictures, publishing, and broadcasting
Managers – Telecommunication carriers

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