Applying for Canada Permanent Residence from the Philippines, Here’s how you can do it?

Applying for Canada Permanent Residence from the Philippines, Here’s how you can do it?

The Philippines is the third most – important source of new immigrants into Canada. There is dime a dozen options available for  who want to apply for Canada permanent residence from the Philippines

In the second quarter of 2020, immigration to Canada was slowed due to the international travel restrictions that were imposed by the government in lieu of the pandemic and the peak it had reached. Canada is slowly recovering and moving towards a stronger economy, as a result, immigration is picking up pace and is becoming important again. 

Sure, Canada has continued to bring in more permanent residents even during the pandemic for those who had qualified before the travel restrictions were imposed.  Foreign workers who were an asset to the food supply were also brought into the country as essential workers. 

Ottawa the capital of  Canada announced its plan continue to invite more than 1.1 million new permanent residents between the years 2020 and 2022 in immigration that was released in March 2020 plan.

So, while the Covid-19 pandemic still continues to threaten the plan, the government of Canada is very clear on its message to welcoming new immigrants to Canada. 

The Philippines is not an exception in the plan, as Canada is working its way back up after the lockdowns that were imposed during the peak of covid 19. The country has seen an upsurge in Filipinos becoming permanent residents again.  In June 2020, the number of Filipinos who became permanent residents of Canada spiked up by 39.5 % to 900 from 645. 

Well, it’s surely a little less from the time before the pandemic when around 3,035 Filipinos became permanent residents of Canada.

The trend is inclining towards more permanent residents from the Philippines after the steep decline in Filipinos coming to Canada in November.    

At the tail end of the lockdown in Canada in the second quarter of the year 2020. 1,885 Filipinos became permanent residents of  Canada. A total of 6,390 new Canadian permanent residents from the Philippines were brought into Canada which is an almost a 51% drop compared to 2019. 

During the five years starting in 2015, the number of new Filipino permanent residents to Canada has steadily dwindled from a high of 50,840 in 2015 to just barely over half of that last year when 27,820 Filipinos became permanent residents of Canada.

In 2019, Filipinos accounted for about an 8.5% increase in permanent residents arrivals to Canada. That’s more than the permanent resident migrants from Nigeria and the United States of America. The source of the largest permanent residents in the year 2019 was India with approximately 85,600 people. Roughly around 25% of the inclusive number of residents are making Canada  permanent residence.  

China was next in line for being the largest source of 30,260 Chinese citizens who immigrated to Canada.   

Options For Immigrating To Canada From The Philippines

Your options are:

  • Federal Economic Class.
  • Provincial Economic Class.
  • Quebec Immigration.
  • Business Immigration, including the Start-Up Visa Program.
  • Temporary Residence First, Then Transition To Permanent.
  • Family Class Sponsorship.

1) Federal Economic Class

Canada has accepted the largest number of immigrants under the Federal Economic class. Canada has had more than 200,000 yearly targets for over three years. 

The group with the highest economic class is the Federal High Skilled category.

There are numerous immigration categories that could be considered when applying for Canada permanent residence from the Philippines.

What Are Canada’s Federal Economic Class Programs?

Canada has its own federal economic class immigration system using Express Entry. Other provinces also follow something similar.

Express Entry asks nominees to submit a profile, the highest scoring profiles can later issue an Invitation to Apply for the above immigration programs.

Candidates have upto  60 days to submit a full application.

Under Express Entry, candidates score Comprehensive Ranking System points for core factors such as age, education, work experience, and language ability.

What Is The Express Entry Process?

  • Submit your profile and apply for  Express Entry Pool.
  • Issue an  Invitation to Apply if you meet the requirement.
  • Submit an application in 60 days.
  • A target of six months for processing
  • Then just  move to Canada.

The best ways to increase your  CRS score is with a job offer, which can be worth 200 or 50 points depending on the skill level. 

 Canada’s provinces also operate Express Entry streams, allowing them to tap skilled workers  from the pool.

A provisional nomination  is worth 600 focuses and adequately ensures an Invitation to Apply. 

In the event that you meet the prerequisites, Express Entry can be a quick method to get your Canadian immigration, with target of a 6 months once the full application is recieved.

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