Alberta is one of the three Prairie provinces, located in western Canada. Alberta has Northwest Territories to the north, British Columbia to the west, and Saskatchewan to the east. This landlocked province is bound by Montana, USA, at its south.

Alberta has a vast and growing population of 4 million people, and it is among the provinces with the largest areas at 661,848 km2. The two most populated cities in the province are its capital city of Edmonton and Calgary.

The varied geography of Alberta includes the famous Canadian Rocky Mountains, lush forests, and extensive grasslands. Alberta is as pretty as pictures with pleasant, warm summers and freezing winters when the temperature can drop below -40 degrees C at times.

Cost of living in Alberta

Cost of living in Alberta

The cost of living is another major reason that makes Alberta an affordable option for newcomers. The province has the lowest gasoline tax, and there is no provincial sales tax. Moreover, Alberta is among the provinces with the lowest property taxes in Canada; the average housing costs are nearly $403,000. Local residents in the province can limit the costs by reduced housing costs, shorter commute duration, and affordable consumer products.

Economy of Alberta

In current times, the province of Alberta has the most stable and strongest economy in Canada. The province has plenty of natural resources, and it creates numerous employment opportunities for thousands of people in the sectors of forestry and agriculture. Over the past few years, the fossil energy industry has resulted in an economic boom, which eventually led to the development of the manufacturing sector.

Furthermore, Alberta is one of the most popular immigration destinations in Canada, as the province creates and offers diverse job opportunities to individuals in the oil, finance, and tourism fields. For new immigrants, Alberta is an ideal option to make their home, as the province brings the right set of circumstances and offers many benefits to its citizens.

Demographics of Alberta

demographics of alberta

The population in the province of Alberta has increased rapidly over recent years, surpassing the numbers of other provinces and territories in Canada. In the last decade, more than half a million immigrants have preferred Alberta over other provinces to settle permanently, as the majority of them are young men looking for employment opportunities.

Alberta is a diverse and multi-cultural province, with individuals from different religions and ethnicities. The province is home to immigrants arriving from different countries, including India, China, Germany, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and France. Moreover, the number of Filipinos has increased drastically over the years; and as of 2011, Filipinos accounted for 12% of the province’s population.

Education Opportunities in Alberta

Alberta offers impressive education facilities and opportunities to students and its citizens. The province has fascinating six universities, 13 colleges, and a number of trade schools. 

Moreover, the University of Alberta is one of the well-designated learning institutions in Canada. Situated in the city of Edmonton, the university offers more than 400 undergraduate programs, and this school has over 39,000 students, out of which many are from different 150 countries.

Many students from across the country come to the province to dig for fossils, as the province serves as the major paleontological treasure-stock of Canada.

Attractions in Alberta

attractions in alberta

Alberta is the perfect place for outdoor lovers, as it is surrounded by the beauty of the Rockies. Most residents love to take a drive out to the mountains; however, there a few others who prefer hiking and mountain biking on the trails along the Moraine Lake. This lake is the body of glacial water, and over the years, it has become a famous spot for canoeing, fishing, and swimming during summers. Moreover, this place turns out to be even more beautiful during winters, as the lake freezes, and mountains get layered in snow.

Other than its natural beauty comprising nature reserves, mountains, and lakes, the province enjoys a distinct western culture. Every July, the province hosts the largest rodeo in North America, known as Calgary Stampede. During this event, visitors recall and enjoy an era of Wild West chuckwagon races, parades, and rodeos. Moreover, this event has been rated as one of the best in the province by many visitors.

About Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP)

The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) is run and managed by the provincial government, which enables the province to target candidates with relevant skills and qualifications for permanent residency. The aim is to meet the workforce requirements in the province by inviting and nominating the right candidates who can contribute to the economic growth of the province.

Alberta invites applications for permanent residence in the below categories:

  • Employer Driven Stream
  • Strategic Recruitment Stream
  • Self-Employer Farmer Stream