Located to the west of Canada and bound by the United States, Alberta is an ideal province for both families and individuals. Families in Alberta get a high family income compared to the national average, and also, the province has numerous beautiful parks such as the well-known Banff National Park, making it a perfect place to explore nature.

On the other hand, for young professionals, the province creates numerous lucrative job opportunities in diverse industries, including forestry, agriculture, tourism, education, finance, and manufacturing (especially oil and gas). Moreover, the province has the youngest population in the country, particularly in the primary metropolitan city of Calgary. This prairie province invites new immigrants to settle permanently in Canada through its provincial nominee program (PNP) called Alberta Immigration Nomination Program (AINP).

Do you want to immigrate to the Canadian province of Alberta? Let us start by discovering the in-demand jobs in the province. If you obtain an in-demand job offer, you will have higher chances of being invited to apply for permanent resident status in the region. However, before discussing the in-demand jobs, we suggest you learn more about the framework of the AINP so that you can determine your eligibility.

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The Framework of the AINP

You can apply through the AINP to settle permanently in the province of Alberta if your work experience, skills, and qualifications are in-demand. Some of the in-demand occupations are trade and maintenance workers, including refrigeration mechanics and roofers, medical workers such as physicians, paramedics, and nurses, and skilled tech workers are also invited to apply. The AINP has two dedicated streams:

  •       Alberta Express Entry Stream
  •       Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)

These are specifically designed to welcome foreign workers with in-demand occupations to apply for permanent resident status in Canada.

Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)

Alberta invites both skilled and unskilled foreign workers to apply for permanent residency in Canada through this stream who have a valid work permit, full-time job offer, and intent to settle permanently in the region. The majority of occupations are eligible under this stream except a few; below is the list of ineligible occupations with their NOC codes under this stream.

1. Equipment & Transport Operators, Trades, and related occupations

Limousine and taxi drivers and chauffeurs

2. Health Occupations

Dental bench workers/laboratory assistants

3. Managerial Occupations

Senior firefighting officers and Fire chiefs
Justices of the peace and court officers
Managers in community, social, and correctional services
Massage parlour managers, Escort agency managers
Elementary and secondary education – Administrators and School principals

4. Occupations in Culture, Art, Sport, and Recreation

Comedians and Actors
Craftspersons and Artisans
Other performers, unclassified elsewhere
Visual artists, painters, and sculptors
Singers and Musicians
Writers and Authors

5. Occupations in Education, Government Service, Religion, and Social Science

Early childhood educators without any certification through Alberta Children’s Services – Child Care Staff Certification Office or received certification as child development assistant (formerly Level )
Teachers – Kindergarten and Elementary school
Secondary school teachers
Teacher assistants – Elementary and secondary school
Home child care providers
Housekeepers, Home support workers, and other similar occupations
Other instructors
Religion – Professional occupations
Religion – Other occupations

6. Occupations related to Primary Industry

Marine harvest and aquaculture laborers
Grounds maintenance and landscaping laborers
Trappers and hunters
Harvesting laborers
Mine laborers

7. Service and Sales Occupations

Chauffeurs and Taxi and limousine drivers

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Alberta Express Entry Stream

Under this stream, applicants include the candidates in the Express Entry pool. These candidates are those who have received a Notification of Interest Letter from Alberta. The province issues nomination to a selected number of qualified Express Entry candidates. Moreover, the candidates with a strong connection to Alberta are generally issued a letter of interest from the province, including:

  1. a) work experience or
  2. b) a valid offer of employment from an Alberta employer

Below is the list of ineligible occupations under this stream with their NOC codes:

 1. Applied and Natural sciences and related occupations

Civil engineers
Industrial designers
Construction estimators
Electronic and electrical engineers
Oceanographers and Geoscientists

2. Management occupations

Corporate sales managers
Engineering managers
Information systems and computer managers
Marketing, advertising, and public relations managers
Managers for Real estate, insurance, and financial brokerage
Science and architecture managers

3. Occupations related to Administration, Business, and Finance

Purchasing officers and agents
Supervisors, insurance and finance office workers

4. Equipment and transport operators, Trades, and other relevant occupations

Electricians (excluding power system and industrial)
Crane operators (excluding crane operators for terrains)
Industrial electricians
Metal shaping, forming and erecting trades and related occupations, Supervisors, and contractors
Repairers for motor vehicle body
Pipefitting trades, contractors, and supervisors

High In-Demand Occupations/Jobs in Alberta

While the majority of occupations are eligible under the AINP, excluding the ineligible occupations mentioned above, however, there are a few occupations that are relatively higher in demand in the province, and applicants with skills, experience, and qualifications in one of these occupations have higher chances to receive a provincial nomination from Alberta.

Below is the list of eligible in-demand occupations under various categories with their NOC codes:

1. Applied and natural sciences and related occupations

Biologists and related scientists
Information systems consultants and analysts
Information systems testing technicians
Software designers and engineers

2. Health Occupations

Massage therapists
Family physicians and General practitioners
Medical sonographers
Health services – Other assisting occupations

3. Managerial Occupations

Managers – Horticulture
Managers – Retail and wholesale trade
Purchasing managers

4. Occupations related to Administration, Business, and Finance

Insurance underwriters

5. Occupations related to Art, Culture, Sport, and Recreation

Graphic illustrators and designers

6. Occupations related to Education, Government Service, Religion, and Social Science

University lecturers and professors
Home support workers, Housekeeper, and other occupations

7. Occupations related to Manufacturing, Processing, and Utilities

Metal finishing process operators, Coaters, and Industrial painters

8. Service and Sales Occupations

Barbers and hairstylists
Executive housekeepers
Foodservice supervisors

9. Equipment and transport operators, trades, and other relevant occupations

Air conditioning and Refrigeration mechanics
Carpentry trades, supervisors, and contractors
Concrete finishers
Cable and electrical power line workers
Heavy equipment operator crews, supervisors, and contractors
Plasterers, drywall finishers, lathers, and installers
Shinglers and roofers
Tile setters
Transport truck drivers
Truck and bus mechanical repairers and mechanics, Automotive service technicians

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