357 invites in the new PNP draw for British Columbia

357 invites in the new PNP draw for British Columbia

On November 23rd  357 immigration candidates were invited to British Columbia through the provincial nominee program or the PNP draw. 

Two draws were held under British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or BC PNP: 

  • Skills Immigration  
  • Express Entry British Columbia 

The invitations were issued to the: 

  • Skilled workers 
  • International Graduate  
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled  

Which are the subcategories of the Skills immigration and the Express Entry, British Columbia programs.  

258 which was the majority of the invitations that were sent out through a general draw. The candidates received invitations once the minimum score of 71 to 97 was met, this also entirely depended on the eligibility.  

The other draw was aimed towards the candidates whose occupation fell under the NOC 0621 which the retail and wholesale trade managers, and the NOC 0631 the restaurant and foodservice managers. This resulted in 99 invitations being sent out to people with a score of at least 103.  

Ever since February, British Columbia has been hosting a separate round of invitations, twice every month as part of the PNP program. The draws are being conducted due to the high number of candidates who are from the particular labor market are have been registered under SIRS or Skills Immigration Registration System.  

Until now, British Columbia has only issued 11,000 invitations through various British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program streams.  

What is the BC PNP? 

A program that has been designed to attract foreign workers that are in demand and who want to be permanent residents of Canada.  

This program has two main immigration streams:

  • Skills Immigration 
  • Express Entry 

Both of these subcategories are managed by the SIRS or Skills Immigrations Registration System. To apply for these programs the candidate has to first make an account. After this, the candidate will be scored on the following: 

  • Work experience 
  • Language Skills 

Candidates with the highest score are invited to apply for the provincial nomination in order to apply for a PR, when BC conducts the draws  

After receiving an invitation, the candidate is given 30 days to submit a complete application on the online portal of the British Columba Provincial Nominee Program.   

After submitting a complete application, the candidate is notified regarding the decision that was taken by the province. If the nomination succeeds, the candidate is eligible to apply for PR with the IRCC under the Provincial Nominee Class.  

Six months of validity is assigned to the candidate for the nomination starting from the date of confirmation.   

The candidate might receive 600 points on their CRS profile as a provincial nominee. Which makes them eligible to apply for an ITA or invitation to apply at the time of the draw held under the Express Entry.


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